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Dane's Workbench

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Not a mind-blowing conversion but a start! A heavy bash of the weathering stick and I have a (semi) passable rake of CIE wagons. I have to say I'm very impressed with the Railtec transfers! 

Next up is a K class conversion from the Bachmann Southern N class!


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I've been continuing on with my conversions, and my largest one to date is ticking along, while not impressive to some of the master craftspeople here, it's my first foray into locomotive conversions. This is the progress on my N class conversion. 


Number 211 "Patsy" . Named for my late grandfather Patsy, and numbered for his birthday (21/1). Custom brass nameplates and running number have been attached to show this.


More work definitely required, including but not limited to, coal and crew, lamps, weathering the other side, apply decals and painting the buffer beams, but I'm happy with. Hopefully some day in the future I might sent him away to get a smoke generator, directional lighting and DCC to bring him more up to date.


The progress so far with the exception of a snapped cab side, but it's been somewhat repaired and will remain under the story of the engine being repaired after an incident with the repair scar there to prove it. 


After I'm finished Patsy, I'll be moving onto 255 "Daisy" so they can be reunited again in another form.


Thanks all!



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Another quick update.


Patsy is more or less complete, I've applied the varnish, which has dulled the brown weathering, so I'll need to have a look at that, as well as painting the bufferbeams red, still more work to be done!


Seen here alongside my retired Y class locomotive



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  • meathdane changed the title to Dane's Workbench

OfFirst scratch built building underway, a small shed for a shunting engine

still have detailing to do on it, need to add a vent for steam and diesel fumes, some gutter work, downpipes, windows and a other bits before painting

It's going to sit on a foundation on the layout so I don't need cutouts for the rails in the door. 

Quite enjoying this scratch building stuff, first attempt at it and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it! 





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I'm on a roll this week! Making use of some time off to finally get to the wonderful Bullied Corrugated opens supplied by  @leslie10646 at provincial wagons.


As a first time wagon builder, these kits proved to be an absolute dream to cut my teeth on, and produced some absolutely amazing wagons! However I've just noticed I put one set of brake shoes on the wrong way around..... Oops must fix that! But past user error I cannot recommend them enough and I'd urge anyone to go ahead and order yourself some!


Just waiting on some Kadees and they can enter service as my first true pieces of Irish rolling stock!


Thanks again Leslie!


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30 minutes ago, leslie10646 said:

Hi Dane

Looking very good. Excellent for a first go and nicely weathered.


(PS the money's in a brown envelope - thanks for the plug - I think they're a great wagon and worth the effort)

Thanks Leslie! Much appreciated!


The envelope will be return to sender for more kits soon. They've given me the bug for wagon building! Because I them I've actually built some tanker wagons I've had sitting in the pile for 2 years, so thank you for that!

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Another day another wagon awaiting Kadees, a Dapol Class B tanker wagon ready for service, 4 to go! Weathering hasn't been fixed in yet, not 100% happy with it, and not decided on Decals, most pictures I've seen have them plain black with just a running number or in their original Esso livery, I may paint them in both fashions

Im starting to build up a fleet of unfitted wagons as seen behind a suspiciously clean A15. Could also do with a layout underneath them....

I need to get on to Leslie after next payday for a few H Vans to compliment the appropriated ex-SE vans and a 20' flat as a barrier wagon




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55 minutes ago, David Holman said:

Fictitious sources of traffic for model railways have included treacle mines and even a factory that produced the holes for toothbrush handles, but seems there is also a large ketchup refinery in Ireland that I didn't know about!😁😁😁😁

Someone has to supply the country with their breakfast condiment of choice! 😂

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16 hours ago, meathdane said:


I need to get on to Leslie after next payday for a few H Vans to compliment the appropriated ex-SE vans and a 20' flat as a barrier wagon




They're here ready when you are .......

A pleasure to help a master builder!

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How could you have breakfast without oil to cook it with? And how could I have an oil train without a safety lamp?

Temporarily wired for a systems check until the bridge rectifiers arrive, might add a stay alive capacitor in the line yet. Weight needed to be added as the kit is very light and causing an occasional pickup issue, as well as helping to offset the resistance from the wipers, should have gone with the axle spring pickups in hindsight



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