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Irish ? Fowler Diesel

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Andreas Weniger

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I still have an LGB drive lying around - it can't stay like this....
So I am planning a small diesel locomotive. I like an older Fowler. I don't know if such a locomotive was used in Ireland, but I think it would look good.  The whole model is a free fiction, only designed according to pictures.
The frame will be made of polystyrene, the superstructure is from the 3D printer, and I will also print the front and rear parts. The drive will again be done with battery and Foswork components. The driver's cab was 1,5mm bigger than the given print area of my printer - but it worked.
That's how it looks so far:


436741_1.thumb.jpg.2b63c415cd2357fe185a4161e854765b.jpg436740_IMG_20211202_111818.thumb.jpg.2d4757b7f75c248ea76e6d23c64875ff.jpg 436742_2.thumb.jpg.9de83eaa420c8bf43908f54dc89a2a6f.jpg




some details ( only smartphone photos)




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While no 5ft 3in gauge Fowler locos operated here, Guinness did have a Hudswell Clarke diesel loco of a similar vintage, which also featured an 0-4-0 wheel arrangement with jackshaft drive...



They also had a Carpenter/Hibberd loco at their Park Royal brewery in London, which also bears a vague resemblance...

Guinness Park Royal, CARPENTER 0-4-0DM Hibberd 3270/1948


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Hello all,
it goes on - slowly.... The locomotive is assembled, the eccentrics and the rodding are built. I have attached dummies of the brakes. The substructure in the rear is a bit larger, the speed controller and sound module will be installed here. Accus and receiver should be in the engine compartment.
I have ordered the electronics from Fosworks - let's see how long it takes to ship them to Germany.





IMG_20220123_170412.thumb.jpg.941c356d918b6ff8697b4648692193a4.jpg  IMG_20220123_170421.thumb.jpg.0166bd1dc78cf731bceec10a29e7bc23.jpg

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Hello together,
So now the Loco is ready....  The locomotive is controlled with RC control from Fosworks. The sound module is from MyLocosound. The batteries are Lithium Ion batteries with 7,4V and 6800 mA. The loudspeaker is installed under the cabin roof.  The locomotive looks well used.  The right driver is still missing. 
The name is like my other locomotives again a mountain in Co Clare.











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