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every lads dream playing with trains then blowing them up!!![ATTACH=CONFIG]5666[/ATTACH]


I'll strap a banger to your Hiddenagenda sulzer next time I'm in Laois so ;)


Still haven't seen it, but there is a guy on another forum I frequent who is building the locos as per the film.

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sounds interesting fran, not that im interested :rolleyes:, but i would like to have a gander.......what site?


Few different threads by the same guy (annoying) on the Diesel Detailer http://dieseldetailer.proboards.com/thread/11151







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I saw it a few years ago myself and enjoyed it. I like Denzel Washington as an actor so it was double the delight. It was obvious that the guy who also plays Randy in My Name is Earl would cause the runaway, typecast or what. I believe it was loosely based on an incident which happened in Canada many years ago.



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I always thought locomotives/railcars had 'dead mans' pedals.......obviously not!:D


There was a deadman's system on the loco, but it was isolated because the loco brake was applied. The reason the loco kept on going was because it was at full throttle... which, if the dynamic brake had been correctly applied, would've contributed to stopping the train. :)

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