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Wanted Irish steam loco

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1 minute ago, DJ Dangerous said:

The Bachmann Moguls appear every couple of weeks - think I posted one in the eBay watch thread a few days ago.

The UK variants are usually cheaper, and would be fairly easy to Irish-ize.

Try @WRENNEIRE and see if he has something taking up too much space in his treasure trove.

He was my first port of call 🤭

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There are a few options at the moment 

Murphy models had the Mogul 

Marks models are doing the Hornby jinty in UTA livery 

Bachmann did a An NCC jinty 

mid your willing to splash the cash there is 00 works locomotives such as the J15 variants around 


then there is all the stuff that could be kit built ect. 


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28 minutes ago, DJ Dangerous said:


Try something like this.

@jhb171achill or @Galteemore will be on this like flies on poop, to confirm, but I think it just needs the "wings" removed, possibly some de-lining / de-badging, and happy days.

Agreed. Bit of T cut, stick a snail on the tender and you’re away. Small things like sticking on a smokebox door wheel will add instant effect. 

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