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Need advice on bulding my first proper layout

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Im new to railway modelling and was wondering if anyone can "point" me in the right direction on how to set up my first decent layout. Ive never wired up points before and am wondering where to place them properley when building a yard etc. Have only ever a two track oval system and i want to expand . Cheers guys

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Thanks mate

Ive got a bit of space in the attic was going to do a longish double oval with a shunting yard in the middle so a bit of everything. Looked at a few sites but found the explanations and rules of where to put points a bit daunting. Is it a case of trial and error? Seen some of the pics on this site unbelievable, class work.

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It is always useful to look at layout plans and exhibition layouts to get an idea of what works well. You need to sketch out a few ideas and see if they fit your space. Keep the radius of curves as large as you can. Whatever you start setting up it will change as you start running trains and see the shortcomongs. It never works first time around and don't jump in with a complex design.


There are some simple ideas here:



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I would strongly recommend you invest in some (if not all) of the Peco "Shows You How" publications as a start before doing anything. Originally given as freebies with Railway Modeller these are small A5 size booklets which cover everything in basic detail from planning a layout through tracklaying to wiring etc., they cost about a quid each from Peco Publications. You can't buy them on line from the website but the details of how to phone them are there. Some shops may stock them.

Also, look for a secondhand copy of a similar Peco publication called "starting in Scale 00" - probably dated by now but still contains a lot of really useful info.

Best of luck.



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