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Noise and smoke!

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I love this clip,and by God if you were in a loco mid train,having your

window closed would be the order of the day.



and your own oxygen supply!!!


On some routes train crews are issued with gas masks and mines self rescue equipment.



Watch what happens around 2.02 this tunnel is pressurised to make sure there is enough air for the locos.


There was an incident in this tunnel a few years ago where a passenger train stalled and started slipping backwards although the crew and train manager thought they were moving forward:(.



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Never mind the smoke, think of the massive amount of particulates and carcinogenic potential...:SORRY:


If people are going to use the rails as park benches, then you may have some way to go before you address the more esoteric environmental issues...?

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broithe, have you ever in your travels in the UK been in a large diesel depot when several locos were being started for their days work? can only imagine the fumes and smoke were deadly! if this clip is anything to go by...and theres only one here!


No, but I once went to Oxford on a Voyager that smoked as much as any steamer that I've ever been behind..

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