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Old Blarney

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Hi all,

To partly answer my own questions, I found more photos and information on the Perth & District M.R.C. webpage see:


and you get another couple of photos when you google in "Old Blarney model railway layout"

Ain't the Internet wonderful, even for slightly tarnished 'golden oldies' :tumbsup:



Patrick 'Frank' Savery,

District Manager,

Fermoy Branch C.I.E.

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BosKonay and Heirflick,


Thank you for your complements about Old Blarney.


I have not made any contributions to our forum for some considerable time, just happened to have a quick search recently where I found this page, and was very proud to read your comments.


Old Blarney will be exhibited at the Falkirk Model Railway Show this November, weather permitting! The last time we were there we were snow-bound and it was three months before I got my rolling stock home. Details of this exhibition are at:


http://www.falkirkmrc.co.uk/ 29th - 30th November 2014 - Forth Valley College, Falkirk ...


Old Blarney is available for exhibition. This model railway lives at the Perth and District Model Railway Club premises, the layout, and rolling stock are mine and are also used on my home model railway in Newburgh, Fife, Scotland. Old Blarney visited Cultra, two years past this November.


If anyone wishes to contact me regarding Old Blarney, please do so.


David J. White.

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David-great to hear that Old Blarney will be out again for the Falkirk show in November,look forward to seeing it again.I remember that Falkirk show from a couple of years back,I left early and luckily caught the last train back to Glasgow before they were all cancelled!!


Hopefully see you at the Perth show in June.

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I too look forward to seeing you again at Perth this year.


For those who have never visited this Fair City, I suggest you look at our web page for details of our 2014 exhibition.




Dates - Saturday 28th June and Sunday 29th June.


Venue - Dewars Centre, Glover Street, Perth, Scotland. PH2 0TH


Adjacent to Perth Railway Station.


Re Falkirk, and Old Blarney, I have added a number of items to my rolling stock portfolio - Guinness Flats and kegs, 40 feet flats, bogie Cements, two Hunslets with sound and also NIR Maroon and Blue Coaches built for me by Raymond Kane. I also hope to have a set of Grey and Blue NIR coaches to go behind 111,112, 113. Thus I will be able to represent NIR from the 1970s to the introduction of the Dedetrich stock.




Look forward to a wee blather at Perth and Falkirk,



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Fellow modellers,


For anyone who follows the progress of Old Blarney, she was exhibited at the Falkirk Model Railway Exhibition held on the 29th and 30th November, 2014.


This exhibition was extremely busy on both days, and I am proud to say, Old Blarney was awarded two accolades: -


Kerr Cup.


This was donated by two founder members Wilson and David Kerr and is voted for by the public. If you visit this exhibition you can register your vote or you may be asked to tell the Club your impressions of their show in an exit survey.


President's Shield.


This is awarded by The Chairman to the layout he judges the best on display.


I am extremely proud of the fact that Old Blarney won these two prestigious awards, as are my colleagues at Perth and District Model Railway and, I thank Falkirk Model Railway Club for a most enjoyable weekend with them.


Old Blarney.

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