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Cavan & Leitrim 4-4-0t 2L at Cultra PHOTO needed

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The above is a link to the project.

A plea for help!


My son is working on a 7mm scale model of the above loco in 3D, whilst we have drawings and a fair number of photo's we need to know how the top of the boiler and the inside of the tanks are joined and we have been unable to locate a photo of this class of loco taken from above. (probably because there was only one footbridge over the line at Ballinamore and possibly only one other over bridge.)


At Cultra there appears to be a public walkway more or less over the loco and it should be possible to take a photo showing the top of the loco. What we need is a volunteer in Belfast or the local area to do this for us.


Is there anybody out there? or does anyone have such a view.


Many thanks for any help.


regds Ernie

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Bosko, can you put out a global mayday on this? Ernie Brack has provided us with some fabulous photos, can we dig out photos from Cultra? Ernie, that link only brings us to the login page for the forum rather than an image. Can you sort this out?

Swissirishernie fan no 1.

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I think you have to be a member to see NGRM content, but hopefully I have copied and pasted the following:




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Posted 08 June 2013 - 11:08 PM

Yesterday morning I was informed that the loco really needed by my father was an O scale Cavan & Leitrim 440T. that afternoon I got home from work to see that a fellow forum member was also thinking about one in 7mm scale... Sometimes things all come together at the right moment. Being a dutiful son, I had a few spare hours to get started on this today (this counts as a fathers day present if you're reading!)






The smokebox door fasterner is only a placeholder - I find that locos look a bit weird without them, making it trickier to judge if things look right or not. I'm not entirely hapy about the base of the chimney or dome, so I'll probably revisit them in the future. I'm working from the 7mm NGA drawings, which aren't the greatest (chimney/dome not symmetrical, cab cut out wrong shape, cab rear missing lots of bits) but are obviously much better than no drawing. I have a few photos, but should anyone have photos from above one, or more accurate drawings they'd like to share, please feel free to PM me. Of course the detail differences between the 8 of them make photos a tricky thing to use - I think there were replacement boilers from hunslet and barclays, plus the originals, plus the later 4 having extra cab windows/cut outs for the tramway....


Since the loco is 178.5mm long (25'6") and the maximum side of the bounding box for FUD is er 178mm, I might give prime gray a try for this one (its a bit cheaper too). The idea is to use plastic or brass tube for the boiler, with the rest printed. I may separate the boiler fittings so they can be done in FUD or similar. Current thinking is to print the chassis as well, and use a nic emotor/gearbox combination.

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Perhaps I should clarify a few points.

First, We don't need a physical photo a scan or a digital image will be fine.

Second; Son Alan has produced several 3D printed locos for his own layout and they can also be bought via Shapeways on line. The attached photo features one of his 09 scale well tanks. (I prefer my 0-6-4t behind it!).

We are awaiting the first test print of a 4mm scale cement 'Bubble' barrel which can be used with the Dapol Prestwin chassis. Unfortunately 3D printing and the material used is not cheap. The bubble will probably work out at about the same cost for parts as a ready built MIR Bubble, and you will then still have to construct it.


The shapeway link is






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Interesting collection Richie, unfortunately no views of the tank tops/ boiler join. I have or have had just about every book published on Irish Railways and can't find such a view in any of them.

As the line was built cheaply with few cuttings and only one footbridge at Ballinamore and one overbridge at Belturbet it would have been fairly difficult to take photos from a height

There are a fair number of Ballinamore shed taken from the footbridge but the locos in shot are invariably the ex Tralee & Dingle tanks! I seem to remember Colourviews many years ago had one or two slides taken from the footbridge but I havn't seen them for years.



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  • 9 months later...

A model of one of those tanks in that scale sounds mouth-watering!


If it's of interest I should be able to dig up exact livery details for pre GSR days. Post 1925 is obviously easier - plain grey except for buffer beams, covering wheels and motion as well as can interior, chimney and smokebox - none were ever black - but the pre 1925 livery was green lined red and white.


It's worth noting that one or two of these locos retained C & L green, albeit it in a very weathered state, well into the 1930s.

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Are these images of any use?


Thanks very useful, I will pass on to son Alan. Progress with this project has been slow on Alan's part; due to having a 12month old daughter, looking for a permanent teaching post (He's found one!) and being side tracked by other projects. Its the Summer holidays soon and hopefully this may progress a bit faster!

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