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Warbonnet's Workbench/Windowsill

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Only a little bit of additional work done this week. Front boxes added, body attached to plate although it still needs adjustment (and lots of cleaning up!) Boiler still to be attached.




lovely work Fran - never knew you had it in you!:tumbsup:

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Cheers lads, have had invaluable help along the way and really happy with how it's turning out so far.


Super job franno. Are you going to add the rivets etc to the smokebox wrapper or are they already done?


I do like a few rivets of an evening...


Rivets is the next step Richie! Just need to figure out how many and their pattern! Should have them done in the next progress report hopefully.

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Progress continues on the O Gauge J26. Started to run out of talent a bit especially around the splashers but thankfully the men in the MRSI were able to show me the way!




Some 'riveting' rivet detail...








There was no boiler bands in the kit so I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on about that one. Work on the detailing will come next as well as the running gear but first a lot of cleaning up is required as you can see. Beading needs to be completed and tided up too.

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