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Will the Orange Livery ever die???

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also spotted 072 with one autoballaster in the depot



......the shortest ballast train ever?


Heirflick contributed this picture on another thread, so it's got me thinking, how long more will it take Irish Rail to kill off the old orange livery that we all love? I love this picture because it shows the latest logo applied to the auto ballasters and the orange door on 072, nearly taunting the marketing and PR people at IE!


Please post any images taken from now on of any 'IR/IE black and orange' that might still be kicking about on the network, excluding preservation stock of course! Will be interesting to see how many more years the livery lives on! (I suppose technically the mk3's still count, don't want to upset members who still hold out hope for them ever being used here again!)

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It's hard to imagine that the livery is gone. Although the newer 201 orange livery doesn't appeal to me as much as the original livery I do hope that some day the 201's that have been off the rails for some time now, can get back to work. It was a sad day when 084 entered Inchicore for overhaul even though it was in a sorry looking state it was the last one in the livery.



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