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Graham's layout - Monkhill and Saltstown.

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Here are a few pics of my layout at last!


Finally decided on the trackplan after a lot of tweaking. It's not perfect but it's as good as I think it will get with the space I have available...


It's basically a double loop in an L shape. Here's one view, towards the main engine shed.




And if you pan to the right, you have the freight sidings.




A few more pics of the shed (based loosely on Connolly!)

Excuse the English Class 25, but I recently treated myself to that one. It's DCC sound fitted and a great little model.






A couple of "night shots!"





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Lovely flowing curves!!


Thanks for the kind comments, lads!


The flowing curves really came about as the shpae of the layout did'nt lend itself to Settrack geometry. I basically could'nt get it to fit in the available space, so I used Flextrack instead!

Have to say though. nicer to work with in general than standard pieces.

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Made a start on the control panel today; used car lining tape to make the track diagram then drilled holes and attached the point switches.


Progress so far...



I also placed a switch next to my programming track so I can drive locos onto the track normally.


A lot of soldering to be done tomorrow!!!

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Got started on the wiring...





Managed to get 3 points wired up and working before the heat in the attic overcame me!

Using mainly SEEP motors but because a couple of the points are right above baseboard supports I ended up using Hornby surface mounted motors, but they seem to be working fine.

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Well the power supply for my Prodigy Advance decided to die last week so I find myself with plenty of time to actually work on some scenery!


Here's where I'm at...




The terrain is make from styrofoam sheet cut to shape with a hot wire cutter. I covered this is a mix of plaster with little PVA mixed in and this was then covered with

brown paint for the grass area and grey for the rocky area to the right which lead up to a tunnel mouth.

The grass section was covered with hanging basket liner stuck down with neat PVA.


Some close ups...




It's a wee bit overgrown looking, I may trim it back a bit at a later stage.


I've also started weathering the track. I painted it with Rustoleum primer whish gives a nice rusted effect which looks a little bright in these








The rocky area needs a drybrushing with a lighter colur to bring out the detail and probably a few washes.

This was my cunning plan for concealing that unsightly corner!




Managed to weather some stock too, here's B165 which MK2s and Generator van.











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Your layout is really starting to take shape. Looking good.:-bd Where did you get the hanging basket liner as my local B&Q don't do it.


I got the liner in Woodies but they only come in small round shaped pieces, they don't stock in on a roll. I did'nt need much so it did'nt matter but it would be expensive if you needed to cover a large area!

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Sorry, Anto. Completely missed your question!


Here's the link to the liner I used.http://www.buy4now.ie/woodiesdiy/productdetail.aspx?pid=12569&loc=P&catid=14.30







Thanks for that I got some in my local store have a look at the results and see what you think




































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Thanks for that I got some in my local store have a look at the results and see what you think



































The lighting really helps to set the scenery off.It looks like a typical dull Irish day.Great work.

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They, sir, are the first videos I have ever seen that really advertise sound in locos. The Class 31? at the start? Wow, what a bass tone, and the 141's - fabulous.


Thanks for the compliments!


That's a Bachmann class 25 in the first vid, with factory fitted sound. The 141's are using sound chips from The Model Shop which were

fitted by myself.

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Looking really great and very neat baseboards!!!


Is that hanging basket liner for the foliage base layer?


The rust on the rails looks well - how did you paint it?


Thanks Boskonay...


Yes, I used hanging basket liner from Woodies for the grass base. I'm gradually adding some layers of flock to give it a bit more variety of colour.


The rails were painted with Rustoleum Red Oxide Primer in aerosol form, also bought from Woodies. I also saw it for sale in Halfords in a normal tin as well.

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