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Graham's layout - Monkhill and Saltstown.

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Some detail was added to the platform sides. Don't ask me what these are supposed to be, I just make them to resemble what I have seen on the real thing!






Next step is to weather them and they'll be ready for the layout.


I really like the cable detail on the platform wall. What did you use for the black cable. Looking good

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Guest hidden-agenda

I think the edge of the platforms are white and the more modern edges have small indents for the visually impaired. open to correction if i am wrong.

Nice work by the way and i like the cable detail.

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Looks fabulous keep up the good work. :-bd


As far as the white line is concerned, it was usually quite thin 100 - a 1.3mm strip at 00. The most common approach was to lay 600mm concrete paving or granite slabs as the platform edge, and tarmac/gravel up to it and paint the platform edge white. Later on when the yellow line was introduced it was set back behind the concrete, using a road marking roller to paint the yellow line, again 100mm wide.


Ashtown and Attymon Junction are the first that come to mind made entirely of brick as a platform side.Richie.

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Finally some progress!


Finished the retaining walls around the station platforms...






The kiosk, sandwich stall, bike rack and footbridge were Xmas presents!






The headshunt to the left of the platform is also my programming track which is wired through a DPDT switch.




When the led on the buffer is lit the track is under main power and it goes out when the track is in programming mode.



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Looks brilliant! How did you do the walls? Love the programming track with the led.


The walls are 6mm mdf covered with brick paper that I downloaded for free from newrailwaymodellers.com, it looks a lot better when

weathered as you can see.

The brick courses on top are scored in 3mm foamboard painted grey with Halfords primer.

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Over the last few days I got the the rest of the freight yard ballasted. After the glue dried I toned it down with a thin black wash applied with an airbrush.




As you can see in the pics I scratchbuilt a couple of sets of floodlights, these have leds fitted but I have'nt got round to adding a power bus yet.

Here's a better pic of them...




I also fitted leds to the sight office in the backround.




More scratchbuilding; a couple of simple ground levers for the points in the freight yard.




Another view...






All that's needed now is some grass/weeds to finish it off.

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