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Whats in a shed?

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Clearing out a friend's shed today and came across these old models covered in dust and cobwebs.


Well, Sulzer, I'm sure I don't have to tell you what you've got there?


Most of it looks only fit for the bin, but the locos will be of interest, if only to guys using the Hornby motors in clockwork locos - as the late Drew Donladson did in those amazing models of his.


Have a look at eBay, where there's a lot of wrecks on sale and fetching tens of pounds.


Good luck - interesting find.



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Quick search before you get swindled on here :((


This is probably what you have. It worth a few hundred pounds STG if Near mint. Yours probably doesn't qualify for that category (sorry!).

Probably worth checking what else is in that lot in case there's a rare carriage or something but probably not worth much based on condition

PS I have NOOOOO expertise in this area and someone else's opinion on here is probably better

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I was only giving a hand clearing the shed the owner would definitely not part with this 'junk' as it is of a strong sentimental value to her, her late husband was an avid railway enthusiast, he travelled widely across Ireland and Britain to photograph 'steam' and he must have collected a few model railway items over his lifetime. Unfortunately in this case, the items have been left neglected in the corner of a leaking shed

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Now that you mantion it Seamus.....


Box for Hornby CIE Mk 2 Brake end, R721


And a Lima Sealink box 305317 Mk 1 SK

Found that the one in the collection was a bit iffy




Some other bits and bobs that I will bring to your attention in further posts on the Pictures of Models forum!!

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