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Cork Model Fair 2015 1st Feburary Note Venue: Metropole Hotel.

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Still a few Tables left for this show, E12 a table if you would like to move on some no wanted, Items be it trains, Diecast, Kits Etc, Contact Wayne in Marks Models,


So far Attending is:


Studio Scale Models

Marks Models

Kinvara Train

RB Productions

All Scale Models

Shamrock Miniatures

Wonderful Weathering

Dec Model Garges

Irish Scale Modeller

Atlantic Model Boat Club

Mad For Trucks

Detail Matters

Diecast 4u

Model Rail Baseboards

Michael Morris Card kits.

Chris Larkin West Cork Railway Memorabilia

Max Decals

Cork Model Aero Club

IMPS Ireland


Plus many tables of private Sellers


More will be added shortly.

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Really enjoyed the fair today, great crowd, tables & atmosphere there. It was good to put faces to some of the names on this site & after chatting to Weshty & seeing the Ammonia's up close, I took the plunge & ordered a rake!! Now all I haft to do is sneak them past me missus & hope she doesn't find out......"I always had them dear!!!!!" Des, shred the invoice if your reading!!! :((


I also picked up a supertrain Mk 2 EGV, i now know why a lot of fella's weren't happy with the paint finish after seeing them up close but it doesn't bother me as I'm turning mine into an intercity liveried one so the stripes will cover a lot up! :D

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Wow, What a turnout today at the Fair, Loads of bargains again to be had in all Aspects, Even say a Few of the Dubs around the hall taking a Chance with the Team top on!!


Des of course managed to open my wallet for a couple of items, Phone box, Plough Vans, phone box, and some Flats, Glendergs example on display was exquisite! Also a Shin Meiwa PS-1 US-1A Flying Boat for 15 sponds, Sweet!! Also sold about 350 quids worth.


The Traders seem to have a good time and sold quite a bit despite being up against the private tables!!


Eoins Dart was down the deep south, What a model, of only the Cobh line had OLE and Dave megabox signals just below me away! I believe he well be turning into a TV Celeb shortly!! Watch this Space


Thanks to all for supporting it.




I had my own little stand at it to and this sums up the day for me!!





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Yes a great day, lots of bargain railway stuff, great to meet all the guys down there and the Kids loved the DART.


Thanks to all who came over to chat and give support


I took a few shots late in the afternoon when things dyed down a bit;-


Cork Feb15-01 IMAG1504.jpg


Cork Feb15-02 IMAG1505.jpg


Cork Feb15-03 IMAG1506.jpg

A punter givin it a go!


Cork Feb15-04 IMAG1507.jpg



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Reckon Des was impressed by the presenters "other work" :-)


Looked a fantastic show, and in fairness she asked some decent questions. Had to laugh at the lady from prince august - i reckon i had a chat with her in december. Ordered 60 paints from mithril.ie (their other end) and after no sign of the courier a week later rang. "Aroo tha man from Dingle" - "No, I'm the man from..."

"Well" says she " I had a man on from Dingle earlier this morning with the same problem, and...."

She couldn't have done enough, nor enquired further about the shocking weather up in the big smoke. Courier turned up about 10 minutes later after i hung up still chuckling at the irish approach to things.


Really going tmo have to make the pilgrammage next year, there were some tidy looking MK1 and MK2 bargains in one of them shots :-)

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LOL, I probably get a letter from revenue now for the transfer of E2.99 for sale of that kit. Good to see straighforward talking and no anoraks!!


Des, You missed your calling Dude!!


I know, and me able to speak fluent Lee-side as well. Oh well :)



Richie, you deffo have to make it down, great venue and it is modelling heaven, as well as chock full of bargains.

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