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Can anyone put a year on this pic?

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Came across this picture on geography.ie....




I love the mix of coaching stock! I wonder can anyone put a rough date on this pic?


Great photo. What a difference the tippex and white logo made. It's definitely Greystones. Agree with the dating based on the cars.

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Am I right in saying the tippex and logo was applied straight over the Supertrain livery?

When IR was formed in mid 1987, the Tippex livery was initially applied over the original C.I.E. orange/tan until such time as the coaches were due for an overhaul/repaint when they received the brighter IR orange Tippex livery. Mk3 coaches were prioritised to get Tippex livery first, followed by Mk2s, Cravens, Park Royals etc.

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Ah, that tapered rear pillar said "not Fiesta" to me, you could well be right - not a common car in the UK, as many as there were in Ireland..


I could be wrong of course, but screams starlet to me. Used to get a lift home from school in a 127, the hole in the floor reminded me of the flintstones!

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