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OO works announce GNRI U Class

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I've just received my Class U back from Kevin and Co at Coastal DCC - they were putting a Stay Alive chip in No.205 - just over fifty quid, by the way.


Result - I'm delighted - she crawls over my points without a flicker. Money well spent.


The debate about weight still holds, of course. I have yet to add weight to the cab end. As she stands, she'll fly (even tender first) with three coaches, but take that up to five and 20 grams or so extra weight (Blu-Tak'd to the roof!!!!) is necessary. But it is a common problem with 4-4-0s.


So the sooner Roderick, Rebecca and Zivan find a suitable motor - the better. One UG won't be enough!




PS Thank you David (aka Lord White) for making me aware of Stay Alive chips!

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Surprising that OOworks haven't yet acted on these threads to rebalance their 'U' for better running. Might get a Stay alive chip whenever I get mine, not a squeak yet.


Do you have enough Mashimas to complete the second batch of U Class or is the UG only affected by this? The ETA for my 205 was this month, hence the enquiry.

I might shot an email to Rod & Rebekah

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