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1st Bangor MRC Show this weekend

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40 stands of layouts/displays - no trade due to the archaic nature of the organising club


Its not up to us how any show is organised and this remark is totally uncalled for. If you don't like don't go.


This show is about displaying are hobby to the public and the club always seem to have a lot of young people involved.

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No, it's because all funds from tickets go directly into supporting the church. And I can't see any trade stand doing that.


I think the church would survive without the Model Club income!! The church should be thanked for the support it gives the club through supplying premises, heating and lighting.

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I would have thought that perhaps traders might be let in provided they paid a fee - like at car boot sales, many of which are held on church premises all over the place.


Having said that, it's entirely the business of the church concerned to lay ground rules for who may or may not attend. As others have said, they deserve credit for their commitment to this event in the past.

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40 stands of layouts/displays - no trade due to the archaic nature of the organising club


I have just returned from the 1st Bangor MRC and feel I must respond to the above comment which I feel is very unfair.


I spent the morning at the exhibition spread over 4 halls and a great number of layouts. The atmosphere was very cordial and relaxed, allowing time for a bite to eat put on by the MRC. For a modeller this gives the chance to chat to the stand holders about the hobby and experiences. It should be noted that MP for the area Lady Herman was also visiting the exhibition as a show of support which I thought was a very nice touch. The fact no trade stands there did not spoil this experience in any way and in fact probably saved me a fortune. I would like to congratulate Bangor MRC and would recommend anyone to visit this highly enjoyable exhibition.

Attached are some photos of the exhibition. 20160528_134425.jpg















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Enjoyed my visit to an excellent Show by 1st Bangor MRC. I was joined by The Derry Road and we met up with John with his Campbell Riverside Depot layout.


The layout I spent most time with was the Ulster MRC who showed one based on Lisburn Station. Only 'Irish' Stock was running today and included were 3 Class 80's and an MED Set built and painted by a sign-writer back in the 70's. The were donated to the club lately by his widow.
















Tony Ragg's Octavia Hill layout




Willian Redpath's Moria Station layout




Part of Moneygawn layout where the model-maker has cleverly used fine net curtain for his security fence.




Some BCDR stock including 6 wheeled coaches.






Another 'grand day out'.


I forgot to mention we also met up with Nelson who was running his family layout. He is about to undertake an exciting project but I'll leave it to him to tell you about in his own time.

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A really good day at 1st Bangor's exhibition. Well-done to all the team for their hard work. Kirley, your company was very much appreciated, thank you. Nelson's project sounds exciting but will have to wait, I'm sure he'll disclose its content in his own time. I'll post some pics tomorrow when I get a moment.:-bd


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Hello all,


I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who come over and had a chat with us (there were a lot of you). The show itself was very good and I have to also say thanks to the first Bangor MRC for their superb support. I've uploaded some pics of the layout in layout thread here, http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3115-Durham-Railway?p=89744&viewfull=1#post89744


Here's to next year!



Edit: with regards to my next project, It won't happen any time soon, so don't get too excited please haha.

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Just want to say thank you to the First Bangor Model Railway Club for inviting me to exhibit my Campbell Riverside Layout. Had a great time and it was nice to meet other fellow modellers, old and new. Lots of good quality layouts on display.





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