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Bagged Cement Wagons - The Wagons with Wheels and Chains.

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Hi Lads,

I broke into my stash or MIR models recently and I am building 10 Curtain Sided Cement Wagons and 4 of the Larger wheels and chains wagon.

I know you chaps are fonts of knowledge and was wonder if any one has a piccy of the Chain arrangement for both ends or even a diagram for same as for the life of me I cannot work how it works out. Most photo when zoomed in loose their clarity and the instructions don't even depict the chain set up

The Piccy below is the best one I can find on the net. II'll lash up some piccys when I get a moment.





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I once had a copy of the Weekly Notice that had the operating instructions for loading/unloading these wagons.

The wagons were originally built with vertical balanced doors operated by a chain and pulley arrangement as modern freight curtains had not been invented.

The big wheels were part of a hand operated chain and pulley system for opening the doors. The big wheels were chain operated by a Depotman from ground level in a similar way to a block and tackle hoist or a roller shutter door.

The big wheels transferred motion to the pulley drive shafts on top of the wagon and simultaneously raised and lowered to top and bottom sections of the door.

The chains at the operators end was draped around the big wheel and hung loosely below solebar level. 

The handwheel and lever arrangement through the bulkhead at the opposite end of the wagon was part of the load restraint system.

These wagons would be a nice challenge to IRM especially if they had working doors :D

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