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Class 458 Build

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Well that’s another book on the list! If I ever get the 0-6-4T done, and want to build something else, I’m mulling over a 4-coupled yoke, which really needs some kind of compensation (I got away without it on the F6 but don’t want to chance it again!). I have one of his other books which has some useful tips on tender balancing for 4-4-0s.

Sorry I can’t make it to Bray to see this gem in all its glory - thanks for letting us see her! 


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Hi guys you might want some midnight reading:-


One of my problems is I read the book years ago, but never used it so I need to re read it again, one of the problems with this system that very few of us have the time to sit down and read this from cover to cover or we just assume we know what we are doing, it then turns in to a dogs dinner and the air turns blue because what we have tried is not working.

So as Mike says in the intro forget what everyone else has told you about the system, sit down and read it for yourself so you can understand it. If you want the book  you can find it here:- 



Colin Rainsbury

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458 got a lick of paint whilst painting was on the go.





Photos really do show up some items that need some attention.  

Although it does not show up very well in the photos, I have started weathering lightly with the airbrush to take the edge of the new paint and to tone down soem areas.  Ready for some washes & weathering powders to get that lived in look.

More as time permits.



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