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1 hour ago, Robert Shrives said:

I think this was one of the prototype  high cacpacity beet wagons, cannot find it in books to hand so it might have got a mention in a video or magazine , pretty certain it was a one off but no idea of number. IIRC also built on a container flat.   

That is my recollection of what I heard, but I did need to hear confirmation from someone else.

I think I saw it in a video discussion.

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Dark Blue number 27504 (Might be a digit in front of that!).

It features in the extra bit added on to the latest version of the Markle video "Irish Rail Archive Volume 6 SUGAR BEET UPDATED" This covers 1984 to 2005 with plenty of A Class coverage and also views inside the Beet unloader at Mallow and on top of the loading gantry at Wellington Bridge.


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