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Ammonia Wagons/Kits

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Irish Rail

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1 hour ago, Irish Rail said:

It was Irish Freight models that i couldn't find they use to sell finished versions of the SSM models I think :)

Are they gone now do you know?

Still producing models, but as far as I know you can only order via their Facebook page now. In the past it could be done through the website.   

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I've recently been working on the SSM kit. It's brass, so a little more work involved in the build. But the detail is fantastic, and in my opinion well worth effort when you see the end result. 

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in the early 1980's the net train was paint bombed, i remember seeing the wagons and locos covered in bright pink, blue and cream splodges as they passed through Dalkey. it was locals protesting against the danger of ammonia in urban areas. some years later i heard a big fire was lit on the wicklow line, again in protest.

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18 hours ago, Irish Rail said:

Several years ago around 2013/14 I remember a company making ammonia wagons as kits this was after the MIR kits of the 90/00s

Are they no no longer available? 

They are. MIR still sell them on their eBay site




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