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I'm curious about the evolution, if any, in the sound of horns since dieselisation began on CIE. Have they evolved or always sounded the same?

Did the horns ever sound American on the various GMs?

Who supplied the horns in the A Class and GMs?

Looking forward to any information you might have!

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IIRC NIR had two tone horns on its BREL sourced railcars but only single tone on the 111s - I recall two tone on hunslets .   While not a precise science in listening to films with the risk of dubbed sounds  diesel tones not change much, some variation if trumpets battered by impacts. In many cases a part that stays with loco all its life.  There is a wonderful compilation of  horns on u tube.  with a creation of  Pacobell`s  Cannon . 


Sure this does not help at tall but is fun ! 


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16 minutes ago, murphaph said:

Did you notice much variation within a class Noel?

Would the horns have been of American design on the GMs?

Not really. Never heard an american sounding horn on an Irish Diesel. The horns to my ear sounded the same in the 1960s and the naughties.

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