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Rosslare Line

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I'd say that's a Waterford line departure. If I remember right, the Dublin - Rosslare link went over to AC stock some time in the late 80s. I don't remember the push pull units on the line, but they may well have been. The early evening departure to Gorey had the Cravens for a good while afterwards, with a 141 / 181 on the head end. In fact, it may only have started a good while afterwards. I wasn't on the DART line from 93 to 09, so there's a big gap in my knowledge. I'm sure someone else will know.


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The Rosslare line got the Mk2d coaches in 1988 from what I

remember,and prior to that the Craven-Park Royal combo was

in use.The Mk3 PPs seemed to appear in 1990-91 on the Sunday

10.30 ex Connolly as They were not in use on outer subburban

links on Sunday.I remember going back to Dublin on the return

evening service in 1991 with a Mk3 PP and a single 121,and a GAA

special arrived with another Mk3 PP and 121 into Enniscorthy station.

Oh for a camera back then.

The single 121s struggled big time on the Rosslare line with a six piece

Mk3 PPs and after a few breakdowns,double heading with 141s and

121/141 combos were common.When the 201s arrived in 1994 the 071s

dominated traction on the Rosslare line and hauled the Mk3 PPs

for a few years more.I am not sure when the Mk3 PPs stopped on the

Sunday services,perhaps around 1995.

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Why would they be double-heading such a small train? Did one loco fail or is it just being transferred?


It could've been the case that one or both locos were required for another duty at the far end if the line... better to send them up there on a revenue-earning service and offset some of the running costs and keep a path clear, rather than sending them up light.

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Pairs of 121s hauling Cravens with BR Heating van and 1950s built buffet cars were the signature power on the Rosslare and Sligo Lines until the MK2D stock was deployed in the late 80s. There was a certain amount of through running as the main line sets filled in on early morning suburban workings on the Maynooth Line and some train sets may have worked through from Rosslare to Sligo and vice versa.

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