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My first bit of modelling in decades

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Cheers Rob. It's certainly good practice for the future. I'll experiment a bit with different card thicknesses and see how I can improve upon what I've done so far. I'm trying to look at each one and see how I could have made it better.

One thing I realise I really need is an assortment of square blocks of steel or aluminium or something to help hold parts at right angles during glue curing. I'm away next week but I've found offcuts on eBay for small money and I'll order those for when I'm back at home.

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Thanks for the encouragement folks. Ultimately I will need to be able to construct a reasonable likeness of actual station structures so I thought the scalescenes route would make sense. I'll try their free buildings kits out next and then move on to something more complex.

I'm just using generous amounts of pritt stick type glue to stick paper to card and normal uhu (actually the not drip version, which is slightly more jelly like) to stick the card edges/corners together.

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The Yang Ming in the picture is the first I've constructed using 2mm solid card rather than corrugated cardboard. It's more difficult to cut but probably fairly unsurprisingly retains it's shape better as it doesn't compress at the ends/sides where a corrugation is missing.



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Getting better with each iteration. The trick seems to be to add all the required fold lines before cutting out the end panels. The instructions only advise making the main folds before cutting.

Also I feel the internal bracing is a tiny bit too narrow so I'm cutting those out on the waste side of the line and adding a bit of "uhu padding" when assembling, otherwise the side walls seem to sit too recessed and not flush enough with the end walls.


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