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2 hours ago, brassnut said:

Hi all how can I stop derailing at the chage overs the frogs are a problem for me

If your using Hornby points this link may be helpful;-

Peco points are better, the air gap in the frog is smaller and the check rail is in a slightly better position, but small wheels can still be a problem!


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As others are saying, if the back to back measurements are consistent, then most likely the problem is the point itself. A single wagon might have a twisted chassis, so check if it rocks when on a known flat surface. If it is just one point, not all of them, then it might not have been laid flat, which as Mayner says will upset everything.

 Problems with running have to be dealt with by a process of elimination. Note where any faults are and record the stock which has problems. Same with areas of trackwork. Eventually you will isolate the problem(s) and be able to take appropriate action. Being methodical is really important.

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Brassnut,  I'm not very good at troubleshooting but I think there are still some things that, if you clarify them, folks on here will have very good advice for you.  So, 

Did this derailment just suddenly happen or has it been building up for some time?

Is it happening on just one point or does it happen on others as well?

Is derailment happening when the point is set for straight running or when it is set for turnout?

Is derailment happening on a point in a section of straight track or in a section of curved track?

Joe Keegan asked for photographs.  Any chance of some close up shots?

Wrenneire asked what is derailing, so, is it locos, or coaches, or wagons?

Is it just one item or do many items derail? 

Do the items derail when going forward and/or when going in reverse?




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2 hours ago, brassnut said:

Ahh on straight. 

On curves 

On cross overs.

I'm useless at trying to explain. 

In detail..

Hopefully ye can understand my difficulties 

As I'm having trouble trying to figure out 

Thanks for all help brassnut 






The frog on that point seems to be worn down to nothing! Pull out the whole point and replace it with a PECO one and all should be fine.

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That point looks like it has seen better days as Irishthump said.     

Put simply, If all your rolling stock derail at the same spot, then it is most likely the track.

If they derail all around the place, more likely to be connected to the rolling stock.

PECO points are generally thought to be best around so that is great advice above to replace the points with one of them.

Have a trial of that and see does that help as there are few things in life as annoying as a derailing layout!

Best of luck.


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Eoin may well be right and it is even possible that the crossing vee (frog) is out of alignment. My own track is soldered/handmade and  test runs quickly show where crud has been left behind.

 As for wheel cleaning, locos certainly need this doing on a regular basis. At exhibitions (remember those), at the start of each day, but depending on the atmosphere, two or three times during the day in some places. Therefore, the same applies to home layouts. Rolling stock often gets ignored, because there is a lot more of it, but would suggest that a couple of times a year, assuming regular use, all wheels are cleaned. Not only will running improve, but any dirt on the wheels will not be spread back to the locos.

 And while I'm here, abrasive cleaners should be avoided like the plague, unless there is hardened paint to remove. They put micro scratches on the rail surface, which encourages sparking which equals dirt. Better to use a solvent like isopropyl alcohol, meths, lighter fluid, potchine(!) etc.

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