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Transportation of 'Night Soil' on Irish Railways

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The discussion on milk traffic elsewhere and the mention of the Isle of Man railway brought back memories of that railways various Night Soil sidings at Crosby and Santon and I wonder how big (tonnage wise!) the traffic was in Ireland. Also did they use specifically allocated wagons and where was the traffic 'dumped'  Did the narrow gauge lines carry such traffic? The WC in particular comes to mind.


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24 minutes ago, minister_for_hardship said:

Night soil. Such a polite euphemism.

Never heard of trains carrying, there was a boat that carried the stuff out of Dublin and dumped it in the Irish Sea.

Might as well dump sh!te into the Irish Sea, as it is a lot better than what the UK dumps into it!
FYI, the Irish Sea is the most radioactive sea in the world

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I was wondering what the big cities like Dublin and Belfast did with it with many inner city terraces/tenements not having gardens/compost heaps. Sh1t here ont big island was much in demand by farmers for manure (its use in the Isle of Man) In the centre of civilisation aka Geordieland several of the big pit villages like Ashington (pop approx 40000) had a network of 2ft gauge lines running down the back lanes next to the backyard ash closets. They had a hatch in the back wall and the contents of the netty (toilet) could be shoveled out in the night into wagons mainly hauled by horses but some lines were steam worked and taken away. They could also be used to deliver the miners free coal allowance. Now that would make an interesting model!

You can see the tramways on this :


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