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  1. Which station is this please?

    Absolutely Visual OCD is a terrible affliction. Mind you H&S in some other areas of life has swung far off the wall of practicalities. Ironically some cases have had the unintended effect of reducing safety due to blind obsession with rigid procedures especially when combined with IR.
  2. Which station is this please?

    Thanks Patrick, yes I understood why the practice changed. Good clip. Thanks John, that's interesting info. I remember Platform 2 & 3 in Kingsbridge were for mainly used for departures, with 4 & 5 used for arrivals with a disused loco release road in between (i.e. three tracks) from the steam days. Noel
  3. Which station is this please?

    What I like about that pic is the terminal station buffers actually get used and they parked trains right up against them wasting no space. None of the modern silly buffer placement yards before the end of the platform edge, nor trains always stopped 10 yards before the buffers often wasting a coach and a half length of platform. My 1960s memory is of passenger trains parked right up against station buffers to maximise space and give my visual OCD some mild respite (before accidents and H&S changes brought in safety distances).
  4. IRM Cement Bubble Wagons

    Found some pics of clean looking Cement bubbles with light weathering (found on here). The last three on the right look like they've just been taken out of their IRM box. Gives an alternate weathering option for some.
  5. Thanks Guys Des Will these be resin, brass or white metal? Noel
  6. What bogies where used on CIE Laminate and Bredin coaches? Thanks in advance.
  7. 70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    Here is the link: http://www.electrarailwaygraphics.co.uk Look under their "international->Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland" link. They seem to have some good info on RTR locos that can be paired up with Shapeways 3D body shells which exist for every class of Irish loco.
  8. 70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    No they were both bought from W J Owens shop in Bray some time between 1975 and 1978 Its your layout and all that matters is that you enjoy the stock you run. It's an imaginary model world linked to our nostalgia memory from childhood experiences. Below was the stock I happily owned decades ago. Hornby BR Hymek with BR Mk2 in foreground, and Lima BR Mk1s in the back ground that passed as CIE Laminate coaches. Lima CIE Mk1 A pair of CIE Supertrain locos (Lima BR 33s) Triang LMS coach to look like CIE hand painted when I was 14 Hornby LMS stanier coach was LMS maroon resprayed earlier this year So anything goes Have fun with your Irish N-Guage journey
  9. 70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    Hi Gavin 25 years ago in the 00 gauge world a Lima BR class 33 repainted in CIE orange super train livery passed as the closest thing to an Irish CIE A class, and I was very happy with mine back then, but not now as things have moved on. However in N-Guage it might do for you. Some pics below to show comparisons. This was despite the incorrect 3 cab windows instead of 2, the cab side windows, port holes, wrong buffer beam, bo-bo bogie instead of co-co, head code box, etc. The most noticeable different using the 2ft viewing rule is the 2 cab windows and protruding buffer beam. These are 00 gauge RTR samples, but give you an idea of the differences. Lima class 33 model from 1978 which was sold as a CIE A class in super train livery (orange). 25 years ago I was delighted and very content with the pair of CIE 215s seen below, so if you can respray an N-Guage BR class 33 and you'd be happy with its general appearance then you could also respray BR Mk1 or BR Mk2 coaches to go with it. There are Irish liveried pre-coloured vinyl transfers available for some N gauge BR coaching stock available from a company in the UK. The name escapes me. Lima class 33 on right posing as an A class. Silverfox A class model on left. Note significant differences in cab windows and buffer beam. The Silverfox lacks precision but at least looks more like an A class than a class 33 respray. So yes if repainted like CIE 215 above it may suffice given the restraints of N gauge. Luckily over the past 10 years all of the major 00 gauge Irish locos and many coaches are available in RTR as fine scale precision models thanks mainly to Murphy Models, and others as kits. Hope this helps. Noel
  10. The 'clue' is encoded in the poem.
  11. IRM - How does one open the bubble of a cement wagon without causing damage? I'd like to fit a tail light module in one bubble at the end of a rake.
  12. Popeye's Workbench

    Leonardo da Popeye, that is modelling from another dimension. Words are not adequate. The work of one of the great masters Whatever is in your spinach it is working. Utterly sublime scratch building beyond professional results.
  13. Failed loco

    Hi Ian If you placed a DC loco (without a decoder) on a DC layout as you say above, the fact that there is another loco on the same powered track would NOT cause damage to either. If there was power to the track both locos should have moved. On the other hand If you placed a DC loco (i.e. without a decoder) on a DCC layout that was powered up, the motor would have hummed and buzzed and there is a slight risk of damage if left there for more than a few seconds. Putting a loco with a DCC decoder on a DC layout should be perfectly safe for the loco, it just won't drive unless the decoder's CV 29 settings have enabled DC mode. Hope this helps Noel
  14. Of course. It would only be logical to have a decent stable of Metrovicks to go with the GMs, and as Richie will be the chief design engineer we can expect details from another stratosphere including not only DCC operated windscreen wipers, but opening doors and windows, electric uncouplers (like the German stuff), waving driver with emoji facial expressions, and operating windscreen washers. . . . and doppler effect DCC sound functions for horn, motor and rail noise pumping out of built-in twin bass reflex speakers.
  15. I didn't realise they'd be that keenly priced A new breed of power, Certain to haul, Largest order of power, A new era calls, Silver horse power, Stronger than steam. By G.S.Velliot

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