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  1. enniscorthymans workbench

    Very nice Eamonn.
  2. Galgorm Hall

    Very effective and resourceful. The flashing looks superb.
  3. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Classic JB J15s = yummie
  4. Galgorm Hall

    Looking really well Paul. Wonderful building. How did you do the ridge tiles?
  5. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    If of any use. Peco code 100 side on. Side on with rolling stock.
  6. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Good questions JB. This could be a very informative thread. Will follow with interest. Recently I've also been wondering about a 21mm gauge diorama or even a tiny shunting scene.
  7. Omagh GNRi Station

    Very neat Tony
  8. photobucket

    Agree. Dropbox did something similar. Mind you perhaps we ourselves must also accept putting a little too much trust in "free lunch" internet providers. Thankfully this can't happen again on this forum as copies to all linked photos are now stored here in a cache. So if the external host disappears or indeed album owners accidentally delete or rename albums the resources will never be lost again. Another positive gain for the new forum software. Dave Bracken has almost got the famous 'Lima Murphy Models' thread back. I've managed to transfer my albums from photobucket and relink all my past image posts.
  9. Kingsbridge - workbench

    3 Steps - Lima BR mk1 brake second conversion to CIE GSV BSK 3185
  10. David's Workbench

    Stunning craftsmanship
  11. Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    Yes its fabulous. I can almost here the echo of the motor cycle coming up the road from the Rugby club, interspersed with occasional waves crashing on the beech bathed in moonlight under the clear cold cosmic sky, with billions of galaxies visible to the naked eye. Wonder if they have trains on any of their planets . . . the horn of a distant 141 interrupts as distant rail noise heralds the imminent arrival of the mail train from Rosslare.
  12. Kingsbridge - workbench

    GSV slowly but surely nearing completion. Awaiting decals, a few bits of detailing and weathering, but should be finished early next week. Keen systems LMS suspended sprung gangways added, replica B5 bogies and somebodies sprung buffers I can't even remember! The last item I have to source is a model of Noel Enright waving out the window
  13. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Hi Richie. This is fascinating. Thanks, as I said I'm purely using guesswork as to the precise thickness of the older CIE roof level stripe based on visual observation. I've done my best to scale these to similar pics the same at the coach ends despite the slight difference in perspective. The older CIE livery GSV on RHS does seem to have a thicker white line than the newer GSV in IR/IR tippex on LHS, but not as thick as the 6" used in the 60s and 70s B&T Craven and Laminates. JB may have some additional nuggets of specifics. I'll leave it up to you two to advise. Now if you had some Kryptonite and a few spare Dilithium crystals to put in that flux-capacitor you might be able to travel back in time to 1974 with a calliper and measure fact from "turf burner" myth so I could get on and finish this model. Photos (C) Stephen Rabone (http://steverabone.com/RailwayPhotographs/ireland_1984.htm) Note the GSV stripe not as thick as the Craven behind but as JB states the lower edge lines up with the lower edge of the Craven. CIE era Park Royals and Craven with 6" stripes as opposed to the later IR/IE era 3" tippex
  14. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Thanks Jonathan. Dirt it is then
  15. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Thanks Richie. Useful info, too, especially the 'flux capacitors' effect on roof peeling Re the thiner white stripe, I just noticed the difference from photographs and approx eyeball measured from pics, but Jonathan's (the Oracle) explanation seems spot on. I'm taking a little poetic license on the roof colour because I can't find any 1970s delivery pics when they were presumably initially BR mk1 grey and I just don't like pure black roofs on the layout. I don't know how soon CIE would have painted the roofs black after delivery, or if they just did the sides. When I do the B&T GSV after next, it will be tippex era, so that will get the fifty black 'flux capacitor' peeling roof treatment. The next will hopefully be RPSI 3173 BCK in Maroon using a Bachmann donor instead of Lima.

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