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  1. Noel

    Waterslide Transfers Lifting

    I use decalfix usually applying transfers on gloss surface but not always. Wait 24-36hr for transfers to dry, then seal by finishing the model in humbrol matt varnish.
  2. Noel

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Recent GM 201 class number 201 arrived on the layout today for running trials. Yes I know I am a bit of a hypocrite as I have bemoaned this horrible livery on the prototype that's never really 'blown my skirt up'. But no 201 was the class leader and in a moment of weakness I succumbed to have one orange example, albeit will be confined to a display case rather than run on the layout because its out of my era. How did somebody in the marketing department ever think this livery was compatible with the mk2 and mk3 tippex coach liveries was always a mystery to me. Nonetheless it is a fine model and I'm glad to have one. Will be put in the queue for weathering this winter. B165 and 190 dangerously close. Close enough to wonder how a 201 fit into a Tardis and travel back from 1995 to 1973. May have to inoculate B165 and 190 against catching any nasty modern era infections from 201. (In jest, well a little) I confess I do like the current two tone green and grey livery on the 201 prototypes that haul the Dublin-Cork Mk4 sets. Hence an MM0222 is parked in a siding with a rake of orange mk2d's behind it. Two is enough though! I'll be roasted in the 'bogie of eternal stench' for allowing such modernity contaminate the layout. The plastic little people on the layout are quite put out.
  3. Noel

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    Just checked models. As Patrick said neither of Murphy Model's two B141 variants had CIE roundels (i.e. MM0141 1960s original with staff catchers on cab sides, and MM0141A RPSI restored version without staff catchers on cab sides). The other MM Black'n'Tan B165, B181 and B188 all had CIE roundels and staff catchers.
  4. Noel

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    No prob. I thought I'd grabbed my photo of B141 Yes, Dave Bracken @WRENNEIRE of this parish may be able to supply you with a Black'n'Tan liveried B141 or B165.
  5. Noel

    Painting Code 75 Rail

    Hi Tony Few links below for you to browse through . I pretty much followed @Glenderg‘s and others good advice and went for a Veda airbrush and a TC88 compressor. Acrylic paints (Vallejo, Railmatch and Tamiya). I appreciated their advice and it worked out for me. I think BartSharp have since commissioned their own Veda lookalike airbrush range. Loads of great YouTube videos on how to learn an airbrush with models. I was fortunate to see a great demo by Richie some years ago. The first thing I risked airbrushing was ballasted track for weathering purposes. http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/468-what-air-brush/ http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/3599-good-air-brush-kit-to-buy/ http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/1305-what-paint-for-what-airbrush-thread/ A few old pics below of gear. Have a good read of the links above
  6. Noel

    IRM Ballast Wagons

    IRM Ballasts underwent some enjoyable Kadee shunting and uncoupling trails today. And it was a success. Short video clip below. Because occasionally I like to run, shunt and marshal these lovely wagons with other Kadee fitted stock, I have glued Kadee No 18 NEM couplings to the underside of the NEM pockets rather than into the NEM pockets. This gives a more correct height for activating uncoupling using the Kadee trip pin over uncoupling magnets. PS: Mods, for completeness in a few days time I'll also post this clip to my Kadee conversion thread.
  7. Noel

    Painting Code 75 Rail

    Good advice above. For work minimisation I weathered track, ballast and rail sides using airbrush with railmatch acrylic sleeper grime colour. Light dusting over track and ballast in three passes, then one pass each side of each rail with narrow nozzle to dull the rail sides. Then wipe paint off the top of rails while still wet using a tiny patch of cloth wrapped around index finger.
  8. Looks and sounds fabulous. Like watching scenes from a John Ford western movie.
  9. Noel

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    Something like this B&T B188 would have looked right at home visiting Omagh in 1963 with pax or goods.
  10. Noel

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    I was wondering the same. MM have 5 baby GMs in early 1960s Black'n'Tan livery (basically black loco with white band as per box cover), namely MM 141, 141A, 165, 181 and 188, all others are one of the orange livery variants. But easy for you to swap Tony.
  11. Noel

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    Hi Brendan. Very neat again. Interesting you went for draft gearbox Kadee's instead of NEM Kadee's (e.g. No 18). I've been thinking of doing similar, but interested in the reasons you went for draft gearboxs? Noel
  12. Superbly executed 21mm conversion. Looked like quite a bit of work. Very neat.
  13. PS: There is no absolute right or wrong just what works best for ones own layout and mode of operating.
  14. Noel

    Photographic Website Updates

    Nice pics especially the mk4 sets.
  15. Hi Robert Good news the loco is not the problem. There are some known compatibility issues with Hornby DCC controllers. See link below: https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/forum/elite-loco-address-programming-problem/?p=1/ Possible reset of the Elite controller itself might solve, or use only short loco address numbers (<127). What is the loco address? The ergonomics of the NCE dogbone cab control are a big plus as well as the sheer simplicity of setup. Btw, one minor niggle, if you do ever end up with an NCE system, never ever use the ‘Momentum’ button. It reprograms motor CVs on loco decoder rather than changes settings in the control system. If you want to adjust acceleration and deceleration behaviour of a loco just program CVs 3 and 4 in the usual fashion rather than use the daft ‘Momentum’ button. Otherwise it’s a great system. Noel

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