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  1. Kit building v RTR - In some cases can it be a false economy when RTR cost is perceived as a factor? I only ask this question in the case where both a kit is available of a particular model and a reasonably close RTR option. If I am really honest by the time you tool up with materials, tools, paints and all those little packs of extra bits inc postage, do many kits not end up costing more than their RTR counter part? For example while I really enjoyed my recent Lima GSV conversion, which wasn't even a kit more a kit bash, I wondered if it ended up costing me more than the €90 (RTR option). Yes I know half the fun was the time enjoyed building it, and doing some aspects of it more to my liking than the RTR alternative, but can't help wondering if making tweaks to an RTR would have cost less and ended up looking much the same. End of rambled wondering.
  2. Noel

    4 wheel timber wagons?

    Did many 4 wheel timber wagons run in Ireland? If anybody had links to photos I would be grateful. Below is a link to a googled photo that may have been Irish but I'm not so sure. Any info would be welcome. Page 47 of "Rails Through The West" depicts a train of 4 wheel timber wagons departing Galway behind 084 in 1999. They might make an interesting model due to their shorter length, looking more realistic on typical layout radius curves than 62ft bogie wagons. Photo (C) Marra Man (picasso site) http://picssr.com/tags/timberwagon/page3
  3. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Bizarre you should mention that @popeye, only about 60 seconds ago I realised I had forgotten to put the brake parcel van in the formation for the video.
  4. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Recent posts on plough vans got me thinking. As many may already know, I'm a fan of the 60/70s era and dislike all things yellow. Now I really like my rake of IRM ballasts, even if I pretend they are gypsum wagons hauling mineral freight rather than doing PW work. Hence I have no desire to have a pair of yellow plough vans . . . but there were older plough vans in much more acceptable brown or bauxite livery like the GSWR plough below, and they looked prettier. So I have decided to convert a pair of my GWR 'toad' brake vans to ex-GSWR ploughs and match them up with my rake of IRM ballasts even if not strictly prototypical, at least there won't be any yellow. They will need some modifications, add small windows, remove the full length steps, replace with steps under door, add vertical stanchion at door to roof, a plough, and respray in GSWR brown/bauxite. They will be a bit long but should pass the duck test. The alternative is to just respray a pair of BR shark vans brown, but I do like the look of GWR toads resemblance to the GSWR van. Two in bauxite would do the trick and then one day I could pretend they are hauling ballasts and another day gypsum. Will update this thread as they progress along with a few other kits and bodge jobs in the pipeline like a GSV and a luggage van.
  5. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    TPO running trials prior to finishing. CIE night mail train. Thought it wiser to test run before fitting the small fiddly bits in case any manhandling was needed with bogies, but all went well and CIE bogie TPO 2974 is running well at all speeds in all directions over a variety of track work and points.
  6. Noel

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Is 3D printing finally improving? Been reading this incredible thread over on RMweb about this chap 'bmthtrains' fascinating journey learning CAD and progressing from 3D printing average quality rolling stock to very well detailed stock including wagons, coaches, complex PW machinery, locos, etc. He has evolved some incredible 3D tips and tricks. Dayrl's post here today showing the 3D geni in his superb GSV was also striking. It's well worth scanning through 'bmthtrains' thread below from the beginning. It's N gauge but the process is the same. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/61710-3d-printed-n-gauge-pendolino-and-on-track-plant/page-31 Are we on the cusp of a big change in the hobby? I've been a firm sceptic myself but not so sure anymore.
  7. Noel

    Clogher Valley Project

    Very nice David. Where did you source the magnets?
  8. Noel

    GSWR 6w Bk3rd from a SSM kit

    Wonderful work looking fabulous. Filled with nostalgia looking at the subjects and the brass workmanship.
  9. Noel

    eBay Watch

    Expensive for a paper weight. Thought they generally go nowadays for between €50-70
  10. Yes wishing IRM/AS well with their first UK product delivery and hope it gets a great reception. When are the HUOs due to arrive with customers? The UK market is in for a pleasant surprise.
  11. I was tidying up yesterday when I got a chance I put these locos together for a family photograph - a sort of Darwinian map of the evolution of Irish RTR model locomotives showing the four key steps in the RTR evolution (Hornby, Lima, Silverfox and Bachmann/Murphy Models). The C class is the odd one out as it was a kit, but interesting to see where were have come from. No doubt in time the fifth age will be brought to us from the IRM stable. Be it 2019 or 2020 the Fifth age should be well worth waiting for.
  12. Noel

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    I remember the shop in Rathfarnham well and especially the Diorama layouts in various gauges. Think he also carried Wrenn stock at one stage. It was the first time I saw Irish model coaches with a CIE livery and I was in awe at them. They looked custom made, were quite short bogie coaches sitting on a top shelf test track around one side of the shop. Wonder if these were part of the 'scratch built and modified rtr rolling stock' you mentioned that he made for CIE. Another time, another era in model retailing.
  13. Noel

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    Apologies, yes you are quite right, that's an omission. I never bought one of those. It was just a photo of some of my own 'milestone' models.
  14. Noel

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    Sure, that's fair comment, it was I just had those four to hand when tidying up boxes last evening, and they seemed to represent the most significant milestones in RTR change. You could argue the 071 and 201 were incremental evolutions of the 141. Personally the MM/Bachmann 141/181 is the finest model loco I have ever owned and run. The smoothness of the Bachmann chassis seems unparalleled. The BGMs were the first authentic true scale representations and were the first to introduced centre drive chassis with AWD and AWP. One wonders what this pic above might look like in another 20 years time.
  15. Noel

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Did the trains run from Ballina to Kildare and then down to Waterford?
  16. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    CIE bogie TPO kit progress. Decals applied on top of coat of gloss varnish, finished later with a coat of matt varnish to seal and help the weathering effect. Just glazing and hand rails left to apply plus a few tiny little extra bits I want to add from photos. Oh yes and the under frames! Got kadee's fitted which worked really well on track trials due to the sprung Keen gangway. I added a little extra lead weight over each bogie and she is proving a very smooth and reliable runner. I've really enjoyed working on this kit. When finished will post up some pics of her running with CIE GSV 3185.
  17. Noel

    Jason's Workbench

    Class job. Super looking wagons. Precise neat work.
  18. Noel

    Photographic Website Updates

    Great photo Fran. Curiously the first craven coach is ever so slightly 'bowed' in the middle and the fifth leading coach is riding slightly high on the bogie at the loco end. Bowed coaches of that era are not unusual. What speed can that train run at? Presume there is a minimum speed required on certain sections so as not to delay traffic behind.
  19. Noel

    Derby Exhibition 2018.

    Thanks @Broithe for posting all those nice exhibition photos. Enjoyed looking through them. Nicely framed too.
  20. Noel

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Training experiments continue for newbie to airbrush. Three more wagons with light weathering. Nothing like this BR brake van ran on CIE network, but I just like the look of it. These were done last week - 6xLima vans, beat wagon, mineral wagon, 2xBachmann vans Not too happy with 3D printing results on the two new beat wagons by the platform. They just about survive the 'duck test' but I won't be assembling anymore. First time I sprayed railmatch primer which is a sort of yellow tint cream colour. Didn't like using it, prefer Halfords primer from can. The texture of the 3D surface didn't help. Mind you using Halfords is almost like setting off a fire extinguisher its so powerful. Need plenty of distance and rapid steady movement of can. These 3D prints were disappointing, especially the doors. Weathering pending on these. Ughhh! So far I have found three sources for corrugated open beat wagons, Leslie's Provincial Wagons kit, IFM's RTR, and these Valve Design 3D bodies which fit on Dapol 10ft chassis. I hope to complete Leslie's kit in the next week or so. Anyway have had loads of fun experimenting with airbrush, made tons of major boo-boos, and clogged it up a few times. But finally figuring out how to keep it flowing smoothly and hopefully finding different methods of applying the paint, learning about times between coats, how long to leave the brush before the nozzle starts to dry, tricks for clearing the brush without dismantling it completely, etc. There is so much to learn, but just doing it again and again making mistakes and retrying has been almost addictive. First time I used the airbrush it took me nearly 25mins to clean it when finished, now down to a 3-5 mins. Discovered the hard way different acrylic paint manufacturers seem to need quite different levels of acrylic thinners, and work best with their own thinners. Tamiya acrylics seem to need very little thinners for airbrush, or it goes on too thin like water. Next will be an attempt to respray some coaching stock in early CIE B&T livery. Masking!!!
  21. Noel

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Progress continues on the CIE bogie TPO kit. Got some weathering done this evening. Mix of weathering powder in solution (50% decalfix+50% water) and then airbrush for roof dirt, under frame, bogies, coach ends, etc. Next up gloss varnish in prep for transfers, then fit grab rails, letterbox cover, toilet pipework at one end, matt varnish to seal decals, glazing, pop on the chassis and finally couplings. Really enjoying this kit.
  22. Noel

    Photographic Website Updates

    Fabulous photos as ever. The shot of No 4 starting her 'run around' under Killarney station roof was absolutely epic. Could have been 75 years ago in another world.
  23. Noel

    Photographic Website Updates

    Fab photo Herflick as was the previous photo by Wanderer of both steam locos, Merlin and No 4 respectively. It's an added bonus there were no 22k in either photos. Eight coach rake looks fabulous.
  24. Love it. I presume RC and battery powered?

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