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    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Today serviced and test ran weathered no 379 hauling six green CIE flying snail era coaches (3 x Bachmann + 2 x Dapol + 1 x Hornby)
  2. Our new layout as really an old project that stalled. I'm new here but have been a model train fan for nearly 50 years! Background My first memory of model trains was my Dad running Hornby-Dublo 00 GWR Castle class under my cot as a toddler. I've been collecting model trains and rolling stock for over 45 years. Everything from Hornby-Dublo (two rail), Triang-Hornby, Hornby, Bachmann and just recently some Murphy Models. When an 8yo I build my first very simple layout in my dad's attic, when 12 we moved house and I built my first 'scenic' layout in the attic of our then new home. The layout was effectively built into the attic structure, the track was all glued with ballast and pinned. When my Dad died a few years later and we moved house again the layout had to be left behind with only rolling stock and buildings salvageable. I vowed then that if I every built a layout again that it would not be 'nailed down' but semi-portable or at least transportable without too much damage. I dreamed up and designed many layout plans in those years (doodling with a ruler, pencil and compass), forgot about them and then eventually decided to built a layout once again when our son was born 20 years ago. I had still kept collecting rolling stock in the intervening years in the hope one day I might build a layout. The idea 00 layout - Hybrid Irish and English countryside Bolt together baseboards on foldable leg system. Four continuous loops with some sections hidden A large terminus station - a suedo mock up of Heuston/Kingsbridge with dual steam era/diesel infrastructure and some poetic license A main line junction connected to a branch line Operate as four loops or one long linear section effectively allowing steam loco to leave terminus and return facing in opposite direction Two turntables Steam Engine Sheds at Terminus yards The build plan The layout plan was a reworking of one I had designed in school study hall one night. But over 20 years later I was not about to start building it (i.e. 1993). I started with a design for the baseboards that facilitated bolt together joints where track could be cut at reasonable angles to the board joints. The base boards would have up to three levels to facilitate hidden sections, gentle curves, gentle transition gradients between the continuous loops on the upper and mid levels. I spend about 6 months building the base boards using mainly 9mm ply on 3"x1" structure, and legs made by 2"x1" lattice, butterfly bolts, and dowels for the joint alignment. After that I provisionally laid the track to ensure the curves would work with the geometry on the paper plans which often don't work out with the real practical world. Some adjustments and then laid the track (peco) provisionally on foam underlay. The long term plan was to get the track work wired and fully operational, then do the scenery and then relay the track by gluing it onto cork underlay using PVA, paint and ballast. Anyway I got the base boards finished, got the track laid, first fix electrical done for a 12v block section system, build a few control switch panels, scratch build the station platforms virtually all of which were curved, and drilled baseboard under all the points for future motorisation. The wiring and sectional insulation took forever, especially making up the control panels. I got most of the track running and then scratch built a few buildings, amended some of the old 'toy' hornby and airfix buildings I had since the 1970s. A few years had past so we 'played' with it and then a combination of family life and work commitments effectively had me abandon the project for the past 16 years. I did manage to move the layout over two days from a farm outbuilding to a converted attic space. 1993 - Build Baseboards and legs 1994 - Lay track 1995 - 1st fix wiring of block sections and isolation sections 1996/7 - build control panels + scratch build curved station platforms The plan now? Rewire the layout for DCC and remove all the old block section wiring. Start the scenery in sections - need grass embankments, hedges, some trees, and also city scapes with brick raised sections. Finish some additional scratch buildings (stations buildings + signal boxes) When initial scenery is done, relay track on cork underlay and fill track with simulated ballast using PVA, etc Motorise points Anyway, very rusty but hope to make a start back at it over the winter months. Looking forward to learning from folks on here and getting some advice from time to time. I feel humbled when I see some of the stunning layouts and craftsmanship on this web site. Our layout is meant to be fun, hence it will have an unusual mix of UK and Irish rolling stock from steam to diesel because that's what I grew up with and I love GWR and LMS rolling stock. DCC sees to offer much simpler operations without the need for all the isolation sections I have already wired, but I am quite excited about what sound and lighting possibilities DCC may offer. I'm sure the next 'phase' of building our layout will take anything for 4 to 10 years. Access roads to the terminus English style mainline through station Good night, looking forward to chatting to folk on here Noel
  3. Noel

    barrow street

    This transcends railway modelling. You should be making model sets for movies like James Bond or the next Star Wars. Superlatives are inadequate. Respect!
  4. Noel

    Tara Junction.

    Your new 107 looks really well. One of the nicest finished Sulzers I've seen and a great paint job. Stock always looks great on your fabulous layout.
  5. Noel

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Today was the first outing of an Irish steam loco on the layout. Bachmann CIE exGSR/MGWR Woolwich no 390
  6. Well done Ireland Rugby Team - Shoulder2Shoulder
  7. Noel

    David's Workbench

  8. Noel

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Thanks Patrick. It was just the new photos on the IRM web site that caused a degree of confusion. So two high band B&Ts and one low band B&T.
  9. Noel

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Thanks Patrick. And will A15 be high or low band?
  10. Noel

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    PS2: . . . sorry, AND the photo on A23r web page depicts a photo of A42r with the wide orange band!
  11. Noel

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Glad I ordered an 017 then. Livery is outside my era but I felt I should have one as due homage to the more modern livery. PS: FYI, the loco photo on your website page for A39r actually depicts A23r with the lower stepped band livery. Will A39r be sold in its current restoration livery with the wide band, or as depicted on the A39r web page with the narrower stepped band?
  12. The Great Model Railway Challenge on Ch5 or YouTube. New TV series covering layout building competition between 15 teams. Very entertaining and great publicity for the hobby. Episodes 1-3 now available on YouTube. The rest should be also on YouTube after its aired on Ch5.
  13. Noel

    Trying to complete

    I got that very train set in 1971. Brings back happy memories. The novelty value of the overhead lines, working pantograph and coach lighting was enough to make a small boy feint.
  14. Noel

    Trying to complete

    If I remember correctly the coaches had working lights and the pantograph actually worked for power pickup.
  15. I hear you David, imperfect indeed, but it was massive exposure for the hobby on mainstream media targeted primarily at the mass audience rather than hobbyists. I thought the local teams work was stunning especially in the heats.
  16. Noel

    Irish Ambulance Trains

    Hi Tony. Open forums like this and most others, are available for the public to read, and therefore have never offered privacy over content posted. The public sees only what we have volunteered to contribute. Our emails are not divulged unless we post them. Changing your username from your actual personal name to an 'internet persona' helps. Some folks may be unaware that photos they take of layouts, etc, on a smartphone and post contain the precise location where that photo was taken (i.e. the address where the layout was). This can be switched off on any smartphone so photos do not contain location information. Having said that, it is relatively easy to ensure one does not divulge personal information nor security information in the content of ones postings by just being common sense careful (e.g. like going away on hols, etc, full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc). Bear in mind Goggle maps and Google street view already have a photo of every home and work place. Noel
  17. Noel

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Cheers Jonathan. Thought you might enjoy those two PST scenes. Thanks Seamus. I nearly fell off my perch when I saw the Cork shed photo.
  18. Noel

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Black'n'Tan heaven this evening re-enacted at Woodvale Junction A pseudo re-enactment below of the B&W photo of B&T locos posted earlier today. Nostalgia Gold - B&T Heaven in B&W posted earlier http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/7134-nostalgia-gold-bt-heaven-in-bw/
  19. Look at the speed of this train going over the Barrow bridge in the 1960s.
  20. When googled this pic yesterday, thought for a moment I'd died and gone to heaven Cork shed 181, 141 and 121 classes all resplendent in 'probably' the best loco livery CIE ever had. Pretty too for an early 1960s design.
  21. Entertaining grand finale. I really enjoyed that series. It was fun and entertaining despite the naff bits they naturally had to add for TV audiences rather than hobby purists. Well done the winners Aberdeen. The final five all brought something worthy to Dave's baseboards. Well done Dave getting that job, one couldn't help notice the hidden engineering under the baseboards. Must have been painful watching the legs been sawn off by the winners. :) The Aberdeen winners visual theme would not have been my personal cup of tea, but wow it was absolutely stunningly creative and a visual feast worthy of the 'Wizard of Oz' set. I loved it. Deserved winners for creativity and execution. Very much liked the home teams results, must have been a close call.
  22. Noel

    Class 121

    Two photos. Photo below of 121 class era and livery I was attempting to capture with the model in the 2nd pic below. B123 at Sligo 1967. B121 model - 3D Shapeways kit. The photo of B123 above was originally posted on the forum here by Kevin http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5599/15518402891_db3f89e1ef_b.jpg&key=7fd247f9f3aa3fce2bd00a9d1c94918c9c73f9d07b8d3d99d58d31fd4264378c
  23. Noel

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Hey are we loosing the run of ourselves looking for even more goodies? The 'Holy Grail' is no longer a myth, the A class is really coming. Happiness is not a cigar called 'Hamlet', its an A class loco numbered '001' from IRM. Contentment.
  24. Noel

    Diesel Depot

    Love the way this layout is shaping up Gerry. I missed some of your mid summer posts, but enjoyed catching up just now. Looks great especially with a fabulous Black'n'Tan livery B121 in-situ. By coincidence I was going through boxes last week and discovered I had two similar Hornby diesel depot kits in a box since about 1993 as well as a few packs of those brick arch kits. Like the mirror idea behind two of the arches. Looking forward to watching this develop and seeing it in the flesh some day.
  25. They keep getting taken down and put back up on YouTube. Back at the moment (link below). Alternatively use a UK VPN and watch directly on MY5. All 5 episodes are there. Great for watching UK TV players such as BBC, MY4, MY5, or Netflix USA. Looking forward to the final

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