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  1. Hi Stephen Is it possible to access the full desktop layout of the forum on a mobile phone such as iOS? I’ve tried the standard Safari trick of holding down the refresh page icon, and it pops up with the usual ‘request desktop site’ option but the page just refreshes stuck in the mobile layout/theme. Thanks Noel
  2. Access desktop layout on iPhone?

    Thanks Stephen. Understand. I'm just one of those stuck in the mud types who liked using desktop pinch2zoom on phones. Remember the 'wow' when Steve Jobs launched the original iPhone demonstrating the New York Times web site using fingers pinch2zoom and pan rather than a 'stylus'. Will learn to use 'activity' menu step.
  3. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Or a survey photo of one sq inch of A39r cab door handle, and a little green foliage to make it authentic. 😄
  4. Coming along very nicely. Gerry I'm really interested in your choice of green for undercoat. It's what I would instinctively go for too, but I've heard some suggest a brown colour so static grass and/or green scatters have an earthy contrast underneath. How do you handle this? Thanks. Noel
  5. eBay Watch

    Well call me a "brass fan" and etch my brain, I stand corrected and I thought I knew a thing or two about Garda fleet vehicles. Great finds Patrick. That blasted gear lever was a nightmare.
  6. eBay Watch

    . . . And if only the Garda ever had marked R4s in their fleet
  7. Interesting. Between the USAs massive switch to fracking and growing trend towards renewables, oil's days seem numbered. The entire geopolitical balance may change as middle eastern oil supplies become less important to western economies. USA is such a vast land area rail freight still seems to have a long term future.
  8. What are folks preferred method of bending handrail wire for locos and rolling stock? So far I've used a small needle nose pliers which can be a bit fiddly but has worked. Have folk used better options such as jigs like the one below? https://eileensemporium.com/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=product&task=show&cid=2562&name=handrail-grabhandle-bending-jig-4mm
  9. bidding for NIR 071

    Bizarre. Fools and their money!
  10. Great thread Gerry, and very enjoyable watching your progress. Really useful to see how top class scenic work is done.
  11. Chetwynd Viaduct

    You are quite correct. Apologies I got into the habit of often referring to the green livery as the flying snail livery which is technically incorrect. May I extend my most frosmodic contrifibularities to you on brining this to my attention.
  12. Chetwynd Viaduct

    Fab photo find Stephen. I'm weak at the knees looking at that photo of the C class hauled train, which might have been green livery flying snail judging by the cars and the Caltex logo at the filling station.
  13. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Agree. It didn't take an engineer to see the CG of the boat would be too high, nor that the loco could be too heavy for the plywood truss bridge which has already broken under its own weight when carried (man handled after being wet). All par for the course as you correctly observed for entertainment TV. I've found a liberal drowning of wet electronics in WD40 can rapidly breath new life back into them. I've found a bath of WD40 can rapidly breath new life back into wet electronic devices. I'd trust dried RC gear in a boat or loco, but not on board 12ft wingspan 1/4 scale RC model aircraft!!!
  14. Thought for the Day

    Well done for making the leap. Enjoy PS: Re long trains, if modelling a branch line, Irish or BR, even branch trains operating across or off main lines, trains need no more than one or two coaches, nor goods trains more than a few 4 axle wagons and a brake van.
  15. Channel 4 now (8pm) or Channel 4+1 (9pm) The biggest little railway in the world [ Apologies duplicate info. Just spotted the other thread ]
  16. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Yes we can deny it till the cows come home, but we model train buffs can at times have slightly interesting personality traits. I quite enjoyed the programme myself, son in law sent me a text 30mins after it started but caught it on Ch4+1 later. Thought it was perhaps a little long and repetitive, it have been edited down to 30-40mins. Next week looks like a howl of misfortune. Not sure how the RC electronics in the loco took to a dunking in the canal. Fun though. Recognised some prominent UK model youtube broadcasters.
  17. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    Hi George. In fairness I will. Its been a while since I've inspected their stuff in model shops. Years ago I switched to Bachmann. If Hornby or Bachmann have any sound equipped steam locos that are close approximations to ex-GSWR or ex-MGWR steam locos I could be tempted provided only cosmetic changes and paint are needed especially if 0-6-0 tender layout. Having said that I'm shortly about to offload my entire collection of Hornby and Bachmann British outline stock, only keeping the Hornby-Dublo, some of the Triang-Hornby for nostalgia reasons and ye auld Lima 215s and Mk1 B&T coach rakes even though I will never run them again. Thanks in no small part to Murphy Models, this forum and other vendors including IRM, my interest in the hobby was reawakened and I have managed to switch from operating LMS/GWR/LNER to Irish stock in recent years. Noel
  18. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    I doubt it. The Irish market is too small for their business model, and their level of scale finesse may not be good enough anyway given how far MM and IRM have raised the 'Irish' bar, and I'm not talking about pubs. Also if there is any truth to the rumour Oxford rail are to release authentic Irish Mk3 coaches there would be no room in the small market for anything Hornby might offer other than the low end toy sector.
  19. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Good to hear and not surprised at such a positive review. I will wait to read the review free of charge when it is a PDF on IRM's website at some stage in the future. I stopped buying mags of all kinds a long time ago (i.e. same old, same old, which became boring after a few years). Anyway well done guys and will look forward to reading it at some stage in the future.
  20. Video clip of RPSI Craven coach set (designed by MM). Not the 'Munster Double', but two 071s namely 073 and 085 in consist hauling the 3 coach set. Need to fix the wobbly axle on the 1st coach. The build and finish quality are as good as Murphy Models own Cravens.
  21. Galgorm Hall

    Absolutely sublime. Your accidental meeting with the former signalman is a wonderful bonus. Well done - a lot of patience and attention to detail combined with superb skills. Respect.
  22. Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Busy traffic at the junction today with some play time. The new 20ft skeletal container kits post weathering without loads. Carrying loads below including a refrigerated container. Methinks the containers need a light dusting.
  23. Our new layout as really an old project that stalled. I'm new here but have been a model train fan for nearly 50 years! Background My first memory of model trains was my Dad running Hornby-Dublo 00 GWR Castle class under my cot as a toddler. I've been collecting model trains and rolling stock for over 45 years. Everything from Hornby-Dublo (two rail), Triang-Hornby, Hornby, Bachmann and just recently some Murphy Models. When an 8yo I build my first very simple layout in my dad's attic, when 12 we moved house and I built my first 'scenic' layout in the attic of our then new home. The layout was effectively built into the attic structure, the track was all glued with ballast and pinned. When my Dad died a few years later and we moved house again the layout had to be left behind with only rolling stock and buildings salvageable. I vowed then that if I every built a layout again that it would not be 'nailed down' but semi-portable or at least transportable without too much damage. I dreamed up and designed many layout plans in those years (doodling with a ruler, pencil and compass), forgot about them and then eventually decided to built a layout once again when our son was born 20 years ago. I had still kept collecting rolling stock in the intervening years in the hope one day I might build a layout. The idea 00 layout - Hybrid Irish and English countryside Bolt together baseboards on foldable leg system. Four continuous loops with some sections hidden A large terminus station - a suedo mock up of Heuston/Kingsbridge with dual steam era/diesel infrastructure and some poetic license A main line junction connected to a branch line Operate as four loops or one long linear section effectively allowing steam loco to leave terminus and return facing in opposite direction Two turntables Steam Engine Sheds at Terminus yards The build plan The layout plan was a reworking of one I had designed in school study hall one night. But over 20 years later I was not about to start building it (i.e. 1993). I started with a design for the baseboards that facilitated bolt together joints where track could be cut at reasonable angles to the board joints. The base boards would have up to three levels to facilitate hidden sections, gentle curves, gentle transition gradients between the continuous loops on the upper and mid levels. I spend about 6 months building the base boards using mainly 9mm ply on 3"x1" structure, and legs made by 2"x1" lattice, butterfly bolts, and dowels for the joint alignment. After that I provisionally laid the track to ensure the curves would work with the geometry on the paper plans which often don't work out with the real practical world. Some adjustments and then laid the track (peco) provisionally on foam underlay. The long term plan was to get the track work wired and fully operational, then do the scenery and then relay the track by gluing it onto cork underlay using PVA, paint and ballast. Anyway I got the base boards finished, got the track laid, first fix electrical done for a 12v block section system, build a few control switch panels, scratch build the station platforms virtually all of which were curved, and drilled baseboard under all the points for future motorisation. The wiring and sectional insulation took forever, especially making up the control panels. I got most of the track running and then scratch built a few buildings, amended some of the old 'toy' hornby and airfix buildings I had since the 1970s. A few years had past so we 'played' with it and then a combination of family life and work commitments effectively had me abandon the project for the past 16 years. I did manage to move the layout over two days from a farm outbuilding to a converted attic space. 1993 - Build Baseboards and legs 1994 - Lay track 1995 - 1st fix wiring of block sections and isolation sections 1996/7 - build control panels + scratch build curved station platforms The plan now? Rewire the layout for DCC and remove all the old block section wiring. Start the scenery in sections - need grass embankments, hedges, some trees, and also city scapes with brick raised sections. Finish some additional scratch buildings (stations buildings + signal boxes) When initial scenery is done, relay track on cork underlay and fill track with simulated ballast using PVA, etc Motorise points Anyway, very rusty but hope to make a start back at it over the winter months. Looking forward to learning from folks on here and getting some advice from time to time. I feel humbled when I see some of the stunning layouts and craftsmanship on this web site. Our layout is meant to be fun, hence it will have an unusual mix of UK and Irish rolling stock from steam to diesel because that's what I grew up with and I love GWR and LMS rolling stock. DCC sees to offer much simpler operations without the need for all the isolation sections I have already wired, but I am quite excited about what sound and lighting possibilities DCC may offer. I'm sure the next 'phase' of building our layout will take anything for 4 to 10 years. Access roads to the terminus English style mainline through station Good night, looking forward to chatting to folk on here Noel
  24. Thought for the Day

    If modelling British outline N gauge has a lot to offer, but very limited IMHO for an Irish layout due to lack of RTR rolling stock, or even stock that's easy to convert.
  25. Was chatting with a few friends last week and we had been musing the important role train sets once had. It was said in times past nearly every boy in the population got at least one train set for a birthday or Christmas present before the age of 16. These had many varied developmental and social benefits, not to mention the first wrung of the ladder in the hobby. Track work construction now often forgotten was a huge part of it as youngsters experienced geometry, tactile playability and feel, construction and design skills, resource management, logical stock movements, basic electrics, train operations and let imaginations run loose as they built, disassembled and reassembled imaginary worlds in many variations. There was the additional dimension of set track packs and extending train set layouts over the years, interacting with fathers and friends, swapping and exchanging items of stock and track, learning to fix things, remove carpet from gear trains, lub frozen locos, connect wires, later build and paint layout scenery items, and above all else "play". Youngsters subliminally learned so many varied engineering and electrical skills in addition to the social interaction. In the current era of virtual play in front of dancing LCD screens one wonders where the hobby might be in 20 years time demographically?

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