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  1. WMRC - New member

    I recently joined Wexford model railway club. They seem to have a really friendly and active community down there in the sunny south east, and a fabulous club house right in the centre of Wexford. It's a bit far from me here in Co Wicklow to visit regularly, but hope to get down the odd Saturday. They are very active on the layout building front, have huge space, and build to a high standard. Their Easter layout exhibition is a seriously impressive event. Looking forward to hitching up with folk down there and learning from them.
  2. Went to see this movie yesterday. Despite being warned beforehand by some relatives it wasn't great, we both quite enjoyed it. Forgettable perhaps but great entertainment and stunning cinematography. Stellar cast and in particular Michelle Pfeiffer was superb. The fact the movie was filmed on a choo-choo train was an added bonus.
  3. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Some fabulous photos in your album Ernie. A treasure trove.
  4. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    Just Amazerballs. Eoin you should be heading up the engineering division of the next SST project. Your engineering talents, design intelligence and resourcefulness know no bounds.
  5. Wanted - A class bogie sides

    Hi Seamus. Eoin @murrayec can supply superbly detailed white metal bogie sides for A class. Noel See here:
  6. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Resent? - Me too Jim. Thanks to Eoin's powers of persuasion @murrayec I have removed the ugly moulded plastic door grab rails, and drilled holes for proper wire ones. Fiddle, faddle, file'n'cut, fettle, fattle, cut'n'file, sand'n'paint, go back to go, do not pass go, be traped here for eternity. Or as Spook once said: "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it" Back working on the roof and under frame tweaks.
  7. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Recent posts on plough vans got me thinking. As many may already know, I'm a fan of the 60/70s era and dislike all things yellow. Now I really like my rake of IRM ballasts, even if I pretend they are gypsum wagons hauling mineral freight rather than doing PW work. Hence I have no desire to have a pair of yellow plough vans . . . but there were older plough vans in much more acceptable brown or bauxite livery like the GSWR plough below, and they looked prettier. So I have decided to convert a pair of my GWR 'toad' brake vans to ex-GSWR ploughs and match them up with my rake of IRM ballasts even if not strictly prototypical, at least there won't be any yellow. They will need some modifications, add small windows, remove the full length steps, replace with steps under door, add vertical stanchion at door to roof, a plough, and respray in GSWR brown/bauxite. They will be a bit long but should pass the duck test. The alternative is to just respray a pair of BR shark vans brown, but I do like the look of GWR toads resemblance to the GSWR van. Two in bauxite would do the trick and then one day I could pretend they are hauling ballasts and another day gypsum. Will update this thread as they progress along with a few other kits and bodge jobs in the pipeline like a GSV and a luggage van.
  8. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    Hi Tony. Are you considering switching to N gauge for the layout?
  9. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Oh yes, we are very much on the same page JB
  10. Very impressive so far Gerry. Will follow with keen interest. Very neat electrics too.
  11. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Hi Paul. Weight isn't a problem, the skeletal wagons run really well and never derail, even when running just the wagons without the containers on board. But your right I may add weight to the containers to make the rake heavier and run with less coupler snatching. The C-Rail container floors are snap fit and pop off easily, so adding a bit of weight is easy. The reason for my original post was to explain how I stopped the containers falling off the flats. Noel C-Rail container floors are snap-fit and come off easily.
  12. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Beat production. In the middle of other concurrent projects I've started on the first half of a rake of single beat wagons. Primed today prior to tweaking, painting and fitting to chassis. Having a few small projects on the go at the same time can be very productive because while you are waiting for bits, or glue, paints to cure, etc, you can swap between projects and keep things moving along. I understand CIE had over 2000 of these wagons in their 'heyday' when they were used as both general purpose open goods wagons as well as for beat traffic. They were also used instead of flats to transport CIE containers as well as transport agri machinery, tractors, cars, cable drums, etc.
  13. That Reg Thing.......

    Well spotted. I remember a few shamrock 747 skippers had number plates with 747 on them back in the old days pre year plates (e.g. wicklow had NI plates, etc)
  14. Blue Cravens coaches

    These are the brass sides I'm using with a Bachmann BCK donor, rather than the Triang-Hornby in the pic (£12 from Mousa). They are for RPSI maroon 3173 GSV. They seem accurate but I'm just disappointed they lack any relief for the window frames, door hinges, handles, etc. I can stick that stuff on with plastic. One clever feature of these sides is they have multiple horizontal channels etched behind tumblehome to make bending into shape easy without need for specialist tools. Des will your sides have separate window frames or will you etch those in relief, etc?
  15. Blue Cravens coaches

    It does indeed. I'm currently converting two Bachmann BCKs, one using brass sides and the other with plastic. Wish I'd knew this before I started. The brass sides I have are rather low on detail (i.e. flat), I suspect yours would be much better with relief for window frames, vent frames, hinges and door handles, etc.
  16. Blue Cravens coaches

    Thanks. Hmmm! I might paint the GSV conversion RPSI blue instead of B&T and run it with the RPSI cravens.
  17. Galgorm Hall

    Class job. Love the colouring and brick work. Like interior plans.
  18. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Impressive operation
  19. IMHO the BGH livery is quite bland and rather dull looking. Even some delicate horizontal lining could have made it more visually appealing.
  20. Photographic Website Updates

    Fabulous picture as ever Finbarr. Great light and blue sky for the photos. Intercity 125 mk3 sets look even better than they did in 1974 when I first saw them under test.
  21. Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Training experiments continue for newbie to airbrush. Three more wagons with light weathering. Nothing like this BR brake van ran on CIE network, but I just like the look of it. These were done last week - 6xLima vans, beat wagon, mineral wagon, 2xBachmann vans Not too happy with 3D printing results on the two new beat wagons by the platform. They just about survive the 'duck test' but I won't be assembling anymore. First time I sprayed railmatch primer which is a sort of yellow tint cream colour. Didn't like using it, prefer Halfords primer from can. The texture of the 3D surface didn't help. Mind you using Halfords is almost like setting off a fire extinguisher its so powerful. Need plenty of distance and rapid steady movement of can. These 3D prints were disappointing, especially the doors. Weathering pending on these. Ughhh! So far I have found three sources for corrugated open beat wagons, Leslie's Provincial Wagons kit, IFM's RTR, and these Valve Design 3D bodies which fit on Dapol 10ft chassis. I hope to complete Leslie's kit in the next week or so. Anyway have had loads of fun experimenting with airbrush, made tons of major boo-boos, and clogged it up a few times. But finally figuring out how to keep it flowing smoothly and hopefully finding different methods of applying the paint, learning about times between coats, how long to leave the brush before the nozzle starts to dry, tricks for clearing the brush without dismantling it completely, etc. There is so much to learn, but just doing it again and again making mistakes and retrying has been almost addictive. First time I used the airbrush it took me nearly 25mins to clean it when finished, now down to a 3-5 mins. Discovered the hard way different acrylic paint manufacturers seem to need quite different levels of acrylic thinners, and work best with their own thinners. Tamiya acrylics seem to need very little thinners for airbrush, or it goes on too thin like water. Next will be an attempt to respray some coaching stock in early CIE B&T livery. Masking!!!
  22. Blue Cravens coaches

    Jonathan by any chance do you know when GSV 3185's overhaul is planned to be completed and more specifically what colour scheme she might end up with? I vaguely remember you or somebody suggesting she may be an all over blue livery, presuming the same shade of blue as used on the blue and cream Cravens?
  23. Two intrepid modelling travellers made a pilgrimage to Wexford last week to receive a guided tour of four stunning layouts. We were treated to multiple stock operations on the layouts. A huge thank you to 'Irishrailwayman' for his hospitality and showing two visitors some of his wonderful layouts. Llangollen - N gauge - After seeing this stunning layout and its incredible detail I was won over to N gauge. Llangollen - N gauge - There is so much detail your eyes almost miss it. For example the kayakers in the river, the insides of buildings, drapes, curtains and roller blinds, the roof detail, weeds, weathering, it is a master class. The road traffic can changed to match the period of railway stock from 1930s right up to the 00s. Cynwyd - N gauge - West country BR scenes right up my street. Just reeking of the 1950s, and a GWR pannier tank to push me off my perch. Ballybeg - Stunning scene outside a country pub - the placement and use of figures makes it totally realistic and alive Ballybeg - Lock scene of a summers day - again this layout is alive with model humans doing real life. Amazing! Ballybeg - Signal box - wow, one working and one looking on as the kettle boils on the stove Ballybeg - Beautiful B101 running with stunning DCC sound chip (similar to BR class 24 engine) Thank you Gerry for your time and hospitality. Your work is totally inspiring.
  24. Behind the scenes at IRM

    A clever and logical progression. Enterprising and good business. Best of luck to Stephen and the gang. I have no doubt they will have even greater business success in the much larger market.
  25. 201 class

    Yes the upper body colour wasn't bad at all, but the Lima chassis under frames and bogies were pretty poor compared to the MM variants and scale. I wonder why MM did their own 201s given they had already produced the Lima variants. An A class might have sold better than a second bite at the 201 cherry.

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