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  1. Noel

    IRM Fert Wagon

    In fairness Fran that is most likely because folk did not know about the Orange bubbles in advance, and most had already ordered what they may have assumed to be the only livery available in the short term. For example, had I personally known about the Orange bubbles at the same time as the Ivory, I would have ordered less ivory and more orange. Not complaining btw, just pointing out a possible rational explanation for why the oranges didn't shift as fast as the ivories. PS: Noted with keen interest "AS" exciting move into O gauge. I harbour an interest in a possible future O gauge 141 class - one day far far in the future.
  2. Cobh railway station from another angle Luckily no 'orrible cruise ship tower blocks there that day to obscure the view. I love the red brick architecture of this station. Nice cafe inside the disused part of the station too beside the museum. No quite the 'Titanic' experience in Belfast but still a nice place to visit. These guys were opposite across the other side of the channel. Bofor's galore Wouldn't argue with those if on the wrong side of fishery rules.
  3. Kingsbridge workbench thread dedicated to converting the layout stock to Kadee couplings and in limited cases close couplings (Hornby/Roco) for fix rake coach formations. Hopefully as the thread evolves it will show how I converted coaching stock and goods wagons to Kadee couplings using a variety of methods and couplings from various NEM shank lengths to various types of gearbox Kadees which will be needed to convert my old Bachmann 2 axle wagon stock. Some of this already posted in the Q&A forum but I want to keep a record of all the conversions on the layout here as they occur in the comings months. IRM Ballasts before and after conversion to Kadee No 18s plugged into NEM pockets - gap greatly reduced enhancing the look of a rake. NEM pocket a little high but the kadee's work perfectly within a fixed rake of IRM ballasts or IRM cement wagons and actually 50% overlap the correct height for coupling up to an MM 141 or 071 loco. If I encounter any running issues I may adjust the height of the coupling in the end wagons of each rake for 100% loco height match. Overall though it looks like an easy conversion for my IRM ballast and cement wagons. 20ft Skeletal flat wagons before and after conversion to Kadee No 18s plugged into NEM pockets - NEM pocket height spot on Converting Murphy Model CIE Cravens - Make NEM shank adaptor using Kadee no 17 for correct coupler height Murphy Model CIE Cravens closer coupled using Kadee no 17 with DIY NEM shank adaptor NEM shank adaptor correct height for Kadee hook up to Murphy Model 141 or 071 locos Converting Murphy Model Mk2d coaches to Kadee - glue alternate no 19 and 20 to underside of NEM pockets for correct height. Kadee no 19/20 glued to underside of Mk2d NEM pockets correct height for loco coupling 071 or 141 Close coupling - Orange roof Mk2d have kadee no 19/20 pair per coach, black roof Mk2d have Hornby R8220 close couplers. There is little difference when stationary. Both vastly superior to gaps left by tension lock couplings. Hornby R8220 close couplers. Easy to vertically lift stock out of a rake unlike TLCs and these really do close couple yet can cope perfectly with 1st radius curves. Roco 40270 close couplers seem almost identical but apparently are a little shorter for even close coupling. Will try a set next week. More to follow in due course.
  4. Noel

    World Cup

    Roll on the Rugby World Cup 2019 - At least Ireland will have a competitive team being currently no 2 in the world rankings.
  5. Noel

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Hi Fran No hurry at all, but just wondering when the Tara wagons are due to hit the rails? Noel
  6. Noel

    World Cup

    Nice try
  7. Noel

    Product announcement

    They look great Dave. Rigid and stable. Similarities to the WMRC system they are now using for their new exhibition layouts.
  8. Noel

    World Cup

    Ah now I wouldn't begrudge our neighbours and ethnic cousins a little bit of excitement and joy. Amongst other sports they invented rugby, tennis, cricket and soccer yet have suffered decades of defeats in all by superior former colonial teams, so good luck to them. Fed up hearing about 1966 too Remind me who is ranked no 2 in the world for Rugby and who won the grand slam this year at the 'home of rugby'
  9. Noel

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Is 3D printing finally improving? Been reading this incredible thread over on RMweb about this chap 'bmthtrains' fascinating journey learning CAD and progressing from 3D printing average quality rolling stock to very well detailed stock including wagons, coaches, complex PW machinery, locos, etc. He has evolved some incredible 3D tips and tricks. Dayrl's post here today showing the 3D geni in his superb GSV was also striking. It's well worth scanning through 'bmthtrains' thread below from the beginning. It's N gauge but the process is the same. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/61710-3d-printed-n-gauge-pendolino-and-on-track-plant/page-31 Are we on the cusp of a big change in the hobby? I've been a firm sceptic myself but not so sure anymore.
  10. Noel

    Baltimore Lifeboat

    Captured this photo in Baltimore last week early one morning at 5:19am when this RNLI Tamar class AWB roared out to sea on a rescue under a setting moon moments before sunrise. A sort of cosmic changing of the guard. Can you imagine if the train lines in West Cork were still in operation today - they'd be busy from May to September with holiday traffic. The station in Baltimore closed in 1961. A magical moment as the moon sets over the old Friary on Sherkin Island
  11. Noel

    Baltimore Lifeboat

    Hi Eoin Cheers. Yes its a lovely spot for sailing. Glenans Ireland is well regarded sail training establishment. Noel Baltimore Harbour anchorage
  12. Noel

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Superb model engineering master class.
  13. Noel

    Limerick Junction changes

    I was passing through the junction on Monday and an IR chap showed me where the new platform was going. He told me the reason was so that both the north and south going Cork main line trains could arrive and stop in the station at the same time allowing more flexible time tabling as well as less wait times for connections to Limerick, Ennis, Galway, etc. But they will have quite a bit a walk and climb instead of just across the current platform. I don't understand because Mallow has two platforms but they nearly always use the same one for both north and south bound trains so folks just have to walk across the platform to connect with the Killarney/Tralee trains. Limerick junction is a shadow of its former self. Way of the world it seems there are just so few foot passengers on ferrys and intercity rail compared to decades ago. I was watching a programme on TV where an academic explained that before 1940 in Ireland urban planning and design focused on people movements by foot, cycling, and public transport (i.e. nobody had cars), but since the era of the car the focus shifted to roads hence the massive fall off in national rail transport except for urban commuters. Agri transport which used to be the country's biggest industry is now all by road, but 60/70 years ago it was nearly all by rail. At least with models we can go back in time to a golden era of railways.
  14. Noel

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Thanks Fran. That's spot on and will allow folks to plan appropriately.
  15. Noel

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Hi Fran. Sure understand the economics. OK, I'll hold off buying the rest of the 42ft weed spray set for now until I can accompany it with a spray coach that is comparable in quality to the rest of the set. Again, modern 'Yellow' is not really my bag but IRM gear is so good I'd collect a set anyway if and when the coach becomes available. Noel
  16. Noel

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Looking good guys. Have you decided to include the actual weed spray wagon itself with this ensemble (i.e. the BR mk1 coach)?
  17. Snapped 7078 and spray train in Mallow this afternoon
  18. Noel

    Hattons deliveries (issue resolved)

    Sorry to hear you've been having IT issues JB on Hattons web site. Amongst others I primarily use Hattons and Peters Spares web sites, but I found Peters Spares site rather poor as they cannot save a shopping basket beyond a http session (i.e. instead they save it as an unfulfilled order - daft). I have found Hattons web site one of the best in the UK. Their service and prompt delivery is excellent. I couldn't recommend them highly enough, especially their low postage charges to ROI. Their range is more main stream and may not be as broad as Peters Spares who tend to have those less popular more specialist items. Perhaps they had a server glitch today, but also worth checking your web browser settings are normal and moderately up to date (i.e. within 5 years).
  19. Noel

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Here you go Dave ( @WRENNEIRE ). Both sides of the train set cassette tape posted to Youtube as audio only. Sound quality was poor on my cassette. Cassette Tape Side One Cassette Tape Side Two 1989 is more than 25 years ago so no copyright issue.
  20. Noel

    Gort Station

    For next winter I've been pondering the idea of doing a smaller portable layout loosely based on Gort station around 1970. Rough track diagram below which has already been highly compressed but still requires nearly 8ft on two 18" x 4' base boards joined end to end. Snippet from OSI map There is a fabulous photo of the station on page 29 of "Rails Through The West" from around 1970 showing a hive of goods traffic activity for what was a busy market town. Link below to photo on Ciaran Cooney's album eiretrains.com http://eiretrains.com/Photo_Gallery/Railway Stations G/Gort/IrishRailwayStations.html#Gort_20101216_004_CC_JA.jpg I've been studying as many online photos as possible get a handle on the changes over the years. One of the bizarre things is it seems (unless my eyes are deceiving me) is that the water tower was dismantled and rebuilt stone by stone further back from its original position when the railway line reopened to make way for the new longer platforms. If anybody can point me to more online photos of the track layout circa 1960s and 1970s I would very much appreciate it. If I do go ahead with this I plan to use Peco code 75 flat bottom rail and electrofrog points.
  21. Noel

    Gort Station

    RailModeller Pro on a mac Version 6 of Gort track plan as it continues to evolve through iterative process.
  22. Noel

    OO Works J15

    Ah there is probably an iPhone app that automatically opens the smokebox door
  23. Noel

    Gort Station

    Version 5 below fits on two 4' x 18" boards. Further compression and adjustments were made last night and a little poetic license with the length of the south end of west platform. Need to be able to get two coaches and a loco alongside without compromising the goods yard shunting, as this station was predominantly used for freight.
  24. Noel

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Snap! Great find. I have one of those too. If I remember correctly side 1 had BBC 'Noel Edmunds' giving instructions for assembling a train set, but wait for it . . . side 2 has an 'Authentic Railway Sounds' track for playing background noises on a layout (e.g. trains, loco whistles and horns, station noises, track clink, passing trains, and station bustle noises, etc). When I found it a few years ago it gave me the idea to digitise it and build an iPhone app for playing various layout sounds using other recordings I have (e.g. distant trains, passing trains, station noises, background ambient noises, traffic, etc).

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