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  1. Noel

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    No prob. I thought I'd grabbed my photo of B141 Yes, Dave Bracken @WRENNEIRE of this parish may be able to supply you with a Black'n'Tan liveried B141 or B165.
  2. Noel

    IRM Ballast Wagons

    Video of IRM Ballast Wagons being transferred to Kingsbridge. Minister of Transport sanctions capital budget for purchase of IRM Ballast Wagons. Loading gauge trials successfully completed after transfer today. These Wagons are supremely produced. Well done team IRM. French farm unions question Kingsbridge management for reasons to circumvent EU tendering process. Kingsbridge management replied "They are simply the best, we wanted the best, so we got the best." Newly built B121 consisted with B181 to transfer new rake of IRM Ballast wagons [video=youtube;l-eToGhfLMU]
  3. Noel

    Painting Code 75 Rail

    Hi Tony Few links below for you to browse through . I pretty much followed @Glenderg‘s and others good advice and went for a Veda airbrush and a TC88 compressor. Acrylic paints (Vallejo, Railmatch and Tamiya). I appreciated their advice and it worked out for me. I think BartSharp have since commissioned their own Veda lookalike airbrush range. Loads of great YouTube videos on how to learn an airbrush with models. I was fortunate to see a great demo by Richie some years ago. The first thing I risked airbrushing was ballasted track for weathering purposes. http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/468-what-air-brush/ http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/3599-good-air-brush-kit-to-buy/ http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/1305-what-paint-for-what-airbrush-thread/ A few old pics below of gear. Have a good read of the links above
  4. Noel

    IRM Ballast Wagons

    IRM Ballasts underwent some enjoyable Kadee shunting and uncoupling trails today. And it was a success. Short video clip below. Because occasionally I like to run, shunt and marshal these lovely wagons with other Kadee fitted stock, I have glued Kadee No 18 NEM couplings to the underside of the NEM pockets rather than into the NEM pockets. This gives a more correct height for activating uncoupling using the Kadee trip pin over uncoupling magnets. PS: Mods, for completeness in a few days time I'll also post this clip to my Kadee conversion thread.
  5. Noel

    Painting Code 75 Rail

    Good advice above. For work minimisation I weathered track, ballast and rail sides using airbrush with railmatch acrylic sleeper grime colour. Light dusting over track and ballast in three passes, then one pass each side of each rail with narrow nozzle to dull the rail sides. Then wipe paint off the top of rails while still wet using a tiny patch of cloth wrapped around index finger.
  6. Looks and sounds fabulous. Like watching scenes from a John Ford western movie.
  7. Noel

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    Something like this B&T B188 would have looked right at home visiting Omagh in 1963 with pax or goods.
  8. Noel

    Class 141 1E 171 Murphy models

    I was wondering the same. MM have 5 baby GMs in early 1960s Black'n'Tan livery (basically black loco with white band as per box cover), namely MM 141, 141A, 165, 181 and 188, all others are one of the orange livery variants. But easy for you to swap Tony.
  9. Noel

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    Hi Brendan. Very neat again. Interesting you went for draft gearbox Kadee's instead of NEM Kadee's (e.g. No 18). I've been thinking of doing similar, but interested in the reasons you went for draft gearboxs? Noel
  10. Superbly executed 21mm conversion. Looked like quite a bit of work. Very neat.
  11. PS: There is no absolute right or wrong just what works best for ones own layout and mode of operating.
  12. Kingsbridge workbench thread dedicated to converting the layout stock to Kadee couplings and in limited cases close couplings (Hornby/Roco) for fix rake coach formations. Hopefully as the thread evolves it will show how I converted coaching stock and goods wagons to Kadee couplings using a variety of methods and couplings from various NEM shank lengths to various types of gearbox Kadees which will be needed to convert my old Bachmann 2 axle wagon stock. Some of this already posted in the Q&A forum but I want to keep a record of all the conversions on the layout here as they occur in the comings months. IRM Ballasts before and after conversion to Kadee No 18s plugged into NEM pockets - gap greatly reduced enhancing the look of a rake. NEM pocket a little high but the kadee's work perfectly within a fixed rake of IRM ballasts or IRM cement wagons and actually 50% overlap the correct height for coupling up to an MM 141 or 071 loco. If I encounter any running issues I may adjust the height of the coupling in the end wagons of each rake for 100% loco height match. Overall though it looks like an easy conversion for my IRM ballast and cement wagons. 20ft Skeletal flat wagons before and after conversion to Kadee No 18s plugged into NEM pockets - NEM pocket height spot on Converting Murphy Model CIE Cravens - Make NEM shank adaptor using Kadee no 17 for correct coupler height Murphy Model CIE Cravens closer coupled using Kadee no 17 with DIY NEM shank adaptor NEM shank adaptor correct height for Kadee hook up to Murphy Model 141 or 071 locos Converting Murphy Model Mk2d coaches to Kadee - glue alternate no 19 and 20 to underside of NEM pockets for correct height. Kadee no 19/20 glued to underside of Mk2d NEM pockets correct height for loco coupling 071 or 141 Close coupling - Orange roof Mk2d have kadee no 19/20 pair per coach, black roof Mk2d have Hornby R8220 close couplers. There is little difference when stationary. Both vastly superior to gaps left by tension lock couplings. Hornby R8220 close couplers. Easy to vertically lift stock out of a rake unlike TLCs and these really do close couple yet can cope perfectly with 1st radius curves. Roco 40270 close couplers seem almost identical but apparently are a little shorter for even close coupling. Will try a set next week. More to follow in due course.
  13. Noel

    Photographic Website Updates

    Nice pics especially the mk4 sets.
  14. Hi Robert Good news the loco is not the problem. There are some known compatibility issues with Hornby DCC controllers. See link below: https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/forum/elite-loco-address-programming-problem/?p=1/ Possible reset of the Elite controller itself might solve, or use only short loco address numbers (<127). What is the loco address? The ergonomics of the NCE dogbone cab control are a big plus as well as the sheer simplicity of setup. Btw, one minor niggle, if you do ever end up with an NCE system, never ever use the ‘Momentum’ button. It reprograms motor CVs on loco decoder rather than changes settings in the control system. If you want to adjust acceleration and deceleration behaviour of a loco just program CVs 3 and 4 in the usual fashion rather than use the daft ‘Momentum’ button. Otherwise it’s a great system. Noel
  15. That's what swung it for me too after an initial bout of enthusiasm for the neo's. The 321 installs easy and just works out of the box (sleeve) I use a dap of bostik on a few sleepers to hold it which makes it really easy to remove or reposition if necessary. As there is only one needed per yard throat they haven't proved an eye sore so far, especially if made to look like a walkway (which I haven't done yet). FWIW I hadn't great luck in test experiments with their bigger under track magnet, which isn't really on for retro fitting anyway due to board cutout, only for a new build.
  16. Noel

    Going to the Ploughing?

    BTW, did you see these at the Stillorgan Toy fair? What was inside the box did not exactly match the labelling on the box!!!
  17. Thanks Dave. Will be trying out 'delayed uncoupling' with a similar setup when I get time to setup another test track with N34 neo's. It is important to get the poles of the rows magnets either side of the track centreline correctly aligned (i.e. N v S). Noel
  18. Noel

    Going to the Ploughing?

    Glad he was ok. Could have been very nasty. PS: Btw the wind here seemed worse this morning than last October's storm. More trees down here than then.
  19. I still have some two axle wagons remaining to convert from NEM mounted tension lock couplings to Kadee, but I now plan to cutaway the NEM pockets and mount 14x series draft gearbox Kadee's instead of plugging in NEM kadee's. Reason is the whisker couplings mounted in gearboxes have more pivot movement than the NEM kadees which only rotate at the knuckle head. I will be testing some less powerful N34 neo's on a piece of test track for comparison with the 321 magnet, but primarily to check how they work for delayed uncoupling. Will report back when done. Visually I find the 'between the rails' magnets don't look out of place when disguised as walkways across the tracks. 'Hands free' kayee uncoupling has transformed how much more I enjoy and operate the layout with more focus on shunting operations than lots 'roundy roundy' action.
  20. Hi Stephen. Kadee better so far. To be honest I've only tried the neodymium magnets on bits of test track so far. The kadee 321 enables delayed uncoupling which a single pair of neodymium cans cannot do. The first batch of neodymium magnets I tried were too strong (i.e. N50) which caused occasional un-commanded uncoupling when pulling over them. Just received some N35 strength neodymium which I will try with three pairs in a line between sleepers to see if I can get 'delayed' uncoupling working. Basically one pair of the neo's don't create a big enough field to keep the knuckles open for delayed uncoupling. The neo's may work better if placed in each siding just for uncoupling over the magnet (i.e. no delayed). If I was starting out afresh, the ideal would seem to be a single electro magnet at the head of each yard because you could reverse and stop stock over it without uncoupling when the magnet was switched off. But for retro fits on existing layouts the 321 between the rails magnet works well once one gets used to the technique. Apologies for the long answer. Cheers Noel Below are N50 strength which seems too strong.
  21. +1 I've often reset MM 071 sound chips without any problem. Just remember after reset the loco's ID is lost and returns to default 3 (i.e. false heart attack because loco is unresponsive using the former ID after reset)
  22. Video clip demo of shunting using Kadee uncoupling magnets and using delayed uncoupling to marshal wagons. Only one single magnet is needed in the goods yard which enables uncoupling in any yard siding. Have enjoyed shunting operations.
  23. Noel

    eBay Watch

    Class 70 looks like it was made by the Thunderbirds out of Duplo
  24. Noel

    eBay Watch

    The 201 as a prototype never seemed to be quite as 'nostalgia' popular with the hobby's age demographics. Often wondered if the longer length of 201 model locos was a visual issue on typical layout curves, or was it just that the very distinctive shape of the other GMs had greater appeal?
  25. Nice touch. It will be nice to see all that inside detail on static display with a guard sitting by the glowing stove and the flicker of his lantern.

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