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  1. Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    Really excellent workmanship.
  2. Ballyredmond

    Hi Eamon, Great layout and sounds are fabulous. I watched the follow on video on youtube and noticed the Garda Van with the flashing lights. I'm wondering what did you use to create the BAR light effect on the roof of the van. Paddy
  3. Jason's Workbench

    Lovely work
  4. Painting baseboards

    Have to say I painted the top and had no problem with pva and ballast.
  5. Robert's Workbench

    Looking forward to these also as I have some to do also.
  6. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Great selection, although I have made some of these I will be buying yours also . it was great fun building them but can't wait to get the high quality rtr model s . well done lads for a great choice of products Paddy
  7. Robert's Workbench

    I also have some to do. I will start them when I get out of hospital. So looking forward to lots of pictures and description's
  8. Patricks Layout

    super looking layout
  9. Please vote for IRM!!

    Well done to all involved, well deserved.
  10. Clogher Valley Project

    Super skills well done
  11. Great stuff thanks Paddy
  12. Thanks Noel , If paying by paypal and the default address on this is your home address does this create a problem with ebay? thanks Paddy
  13. Can anyone tell how can you use address pal on ebay when you normal address is you home address and as is my paypal address. I have noticed that you can add an address in Northern Ireland to ebay but not on paypay. How can you get around this?
  14. North Wall yards

    great photo, a lot of container alright

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