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  1. Galgorm Hall

    Top class work, well done
  2. Paddys Works

    Some photos of MIR Kit WF1A 20 ft Flat Wagon and Beer Keg Containers which I bought from Red Rich back in September 2017. Camara does not do colour justice will have to work on this. Must say it was a joy to work on.
  3. Please vote for IRM!!

    done.just voted for the bubbles
  4. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Lovely work, really looks like the real thing.
  5. A very happy New Year to all you guys Come on 2018 and see what new models we will get our hands on
  6. Galgorm Hall

    Truly amazing work,well done
  7. A beautiful setting for a model railroad.
  8. Happy Christmas to all IRM.comers

    A very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year to all members and your families.
  9. Omagh GNRi Station

    Looks good so far, your making good use of the space available. looking forward to more.
  10. Kingsbridge - workbench

    lovely work
  11. photobucket

    Dam photobucket, it has destroyed so much information on this forum and others by their greed
  12. The movie on Netfix is well worth watching as it shows what they had to put up both from our politicians and attacking enemy
  13. Kirley's Projects

    I would love to see the photos about this post. I see it was on the "Old site" could anyone repost the photos or point me to the Old site. Thanks in advance Paddy

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