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    I model Irish Railways CIE & GNRI From 1960's to 1990's.Some are kits & others are bought and kitbashed. some are made from scratch. All rolling stock is wheathered which i think makes all the difference & realistic.I love to see other peoples work & i know how many hours it takes, but it's worth it.


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    Railways, photography, art.

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  1. popeye

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    The buffer beam details really make a big difference.
  2. popeye

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Nice machine, will this be for display or are you going large?
  3. popeye

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Great job. You did remember to put the cement bags inside?
  4. popeye

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Very nice, it looks more realistic with a bit of dirt.
  5. popeye

    GNR(i) Building Stonework

    I don't know how to do links but you can try this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ABS-Embossed-White-Plasticard-SMOOTH-ROCK-WALL
  6. popeye

    GNR(i) Building Stonework

    I found this one on ebay from Spain £2.75 per sheet.
  7. popeye

    7mm scale 101 - a tribute to Richard Chown

    Lovely jubley. There are so many little things that cause problems along the way that you don't know about at the beginning, some are easy fixed some are not. Nice work
  8. popeye

    CIE green paint

    Thanks Steve for your hard work. I believe most steam loco's had numbers that were a pale straw colour.
  9. popeye

    CIE green paint

    That looks much more like the right colour. Thanks for your perseverance. In picture 3 do the numbers need to go from 1 to 9 ? If they are door numbers they would only need to be 1,2,3.
  10. popeye

    Stafford Exhibition 2019.

    Great pictures and lots of variety, thanks for sharing.
  11. popeye

    barrow street

    Mind blowing stuff.
  12. popeye

    Arthur's Quay

    Lovely building, and great skill.
  13. popeye

    101 class tender details

    Someone has built a nice shed on top of the tender of 134.
  14. popeye

    101 class tender details

    Hi David, I have 3 pictures of the tender at Whitehead. It's not the one you are building but they may be of some use.

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