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Colin R

Finding old kits

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There has been quite a lengthy discussion on NGRM about the current position at Backwoods, there are rumours that the business has been sold. This is a copy of a post on that site:

((  As some customers may already know, my wife Jen has developed dementia which is steadily progressing and I am now her full time carer. For this reason I chose to suspend trading of Backwoods Miniatures in December 2016 as I no longer have time to devote to the business, and her care must be my sole priority. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who have given us such loyal support over many years. It is planned to transfer the business to a new owner and this process is currently ongoing. 

Pete & Jen McParlin))
When Pete first started producing Irish NG prototypes many years ago I purchased a large number of kits covering L&LSR, CDRJC C&L locos and about 20 wagons. Most of the loco kits had parts missing and a note saying these would be forwarded in due course. None ever arrived and the kits sat in their boxes for years before I moved them on through my mate Geof Poulter at Contikits
I am pretty sure that the brass castings etc were produced by Ian Young of Sans Pareil models (I understand he is doing the same for the forthcoming 00 Works 0-6-0  - a chat with him at my Daughters wedding last June)

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I was planning to scratch build a C&L 4-4-0T and had even bought a set of driving and bogie wheels shortly before Backwoods Miniatures introduced a kit for the loco and other items of C&L rolling stock.

Modelling the C&L suddenly became a lot easier in the mid 1990s thanks to the combination of Backwoods Miniatures, Branchlines & Worsley Works, loco, coach and wagon kits.


2L formerly Kathleen now preserved in the UFTM Cultra ()etched brass/whitemetal)


8L (Queen Victoria) as running late 1950s.


Van 22L rebuilt Tralee & Dingle brake 3rd as running on C&L in mid 1950s (etched brass)


Convertible wagons (Brass & Whitemetal)

The convertibles had a whitemetal body on a brass chassis.

The wagon modeled by Backwoods was unusual in that all 4 sides were different, the prototype wagon had lost some of its louvers and had a planked door on 1 side


C&L 4w passenger brake. (brass)

Backwoods appear to have taken a bit of modelers license with the paneling on passenger brake. Paneling was modified/simplified as vans were  repaired/overhauled during the GSR/CIE era and eventually re-clad in aluminium sheeting.

The coach is a Branchlines CVR 3rd

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Nice to see Keadue again (it is, isn't it?)

There may not have been many CVR loco kits sold, but there were a fair few of the C&L 4-4-0T shifted, I did two and I've seen several on various other layouts, and there are those in store mentioned above.

It would be nice to see the Irish kits re-appear in some form (even etches only if necessary).

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Sorry to be away for so long the new job in the hospital take up to much time and by the time I get home I am almost cream crackered to be honest, even to putting the PC on.

Anyhow a brief update it looks like Backwoods has gone sadly but Worsley Works are in the process of producing a limited number of class 5 and 5a kits, the only problem is they don't supply the castings, so a small group of us are looking to make some new castings.

I think that the CDR class 4, 5 and 5a all had standard fittings, but, if anyone knows any difference I would be glad to be put right (along with a drawing of course) for my man who has said he would produce the masters for the new kits.

Worsley works do a range of Irish Narrow Gauge as well as the broad gauge stuff that I am sure some of you are familiar with already.




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