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  2. funny you say that I've a brother that's 17 who is incapable of using facebook too old school for people younger than early 20s it seems
  3. I think an element of it aswell was that the new IE logo had a tri colour in it so to avoid any possible conflicts
  4. As another 20 year old think it's gonna be into the conformation money at this stage
  5. the potential of a rerun of cravens would definitely make a run of more rpsi cravens a lot more viable
  6. which listing are you accepting for it as from what I understand you are only selling one grey 071
  7. One on ebay at the moment https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Murphy-Models-201-Class-229-Inter-City-River-Maine-MM0229/143955901514?hash=item218470bc4a:g:860AAOSwSUBgMo9O
  8. would avoid that 100% reeks of a scam would avoid that 100% reeks of a scam and the ballasts are shipping from Dublin so customs duty wouldn't apply
  9. I believe he means a re released loco as you would struggle to sell as many so would have to do a smaller production run which inevitably would increase the price per unit. Small production runs are usually an inconvenience for the manufacturer and comes with a higher cost
  10. How did you make the extensions
  11. That is quite true like they were retired before I was born I'll still be purchasing A39r (as its preserved) and I would say in comparing A class to 071 someone say 20 years my senior they would've seen an A class on the network in the same manner that I currently see the 071s running so would sell well on nostalgic grounds which is rather prevelent amongst layouts I've seen on this forum
  12. The A class is a complete new tooling miles above the standard of anything else you could get your hands on so its able to sell more than 100 of each variant because there's demand where as with a 141/181 or 071 you won't sell as many even if there was a new tool like nobody is going to replace their entire fleet of mm 141/181 or 071s at quite a cost for marginal improvements on what are fantastic models. Like maybe some years down the line IRM will have grown the market to a point where there is enough demand But at the end of the day Mr Murphy and the folks at IRM are intelligent people and would already have these re runs/new tools in their plans if it were to be financially viable to do so and if that time comes can't imagine they'd be too reluctant to produce something that would easily sell 500+ of each variant
  13. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Iarnrod-Eireann-Bachmann-MK2-auto-ballaster-set-Mint/193752142960?hash=item2d1c871470:g:wa8AAOSwSYVfsZv2 over a 100% return here a set with a €170 bid
  14. top class work what method of weathering was this achieved with?
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