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  1. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Iarnrod-Eireann-Bachmann-MK2-auto-ballaster-set-Mint/193752142960?hash=item2d1c871470:g:wa8AAOSwSYVfsZv2 over a 100% return here a set with a €170 bid
  2. top class work what method of weathering was this achieved with?
  3. I only run basic dcc sound is out of budget for myself
  4. nope just seems to be front and rear lights from what the dcc chip instructions say
  5. have you any of the rpsi ones spare?
  6. I suppose what I more so meant is for more modern era as pretty much any video I've seen taken of them over the past few years has been 12 to a rake and as I'm probably amongst the youngest of this community modelling interest is from around 2005 onwards with an emphasis around the last 5 years where 12 seems to be the standard
  7. slightly off topic here but is there ever gonna be a pack f of the red oxide taras to make the prototypical rake of 12
  8. Strimmers

    BBC Rewind

    if you just use a decent vpn it will get you past the location block did it last year to watch james may's documentary on hornby
  9. Impressive stuff maybe I'll understand this by the time I'm finished college
  10. Can these lugs be purchased anywhere?
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