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Midland Pullman 6 Car DMU

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Just a quick one: Bachmann's long awaited Midland Pullman 6 Car DMU have been released today and are in stock. A really fantastic model!!!:cool:


From what I have seen in photos Seamus of the pre and production shots it looks epic. I think Bachmann have taken the throne as having the best Diesel era model. 2 power cars 4 beautiful coaches with interior lighting and illuminated table top lamps. It's set the bar higher.



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Guest hidden-agenda

The pullman is a beautiful piece of kit and a head turner for any modeller even if to sit in a glass case.


You wouldn't.:dig: it will be worth a few quid in a few years



:dig: I aint planning on going down the hole yet Fran but keep it as a long term investment.=))

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Absolutely delighted for you Fran. They look breathtaking in the video. They could well be the new bench mark for Bachmann, and from what I've seen the Hornby class 60 may have to share the number one spot with them. Your friends layout has some great scenic areas for taking pics and videos. It reminds me of Tony Wrights Stoke Summit layout in those respects. The area the video is taken from could well be a train enthusiasts paradise.



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