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Flying Scotsman 4472

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pray tell why the letters are not the same colour as the flying snail? what does she run like?


Jhb171achill said that a lot of steamers ran with eau de nil flying snails and pale yellow numbers. As for running she is a beaut but doesn't have the pulling power of the K Class I did http://www.irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/1323-CIE-K-Class

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Looks good a nearly rtr ex MGWR loco Anto =D.


234 was one of a pair of locos originally ordered by the WLWR but like the Woolwich snapped up by the Midland the Worlds greatest bargain hunting railways.


They were part of a family of eight WLWR 0-6-0s that made it into GSR stock as 222-239.


Although the engines were basically the same the GSR divided them into 3 Classes J17 233-234, J22 235-236 & J25 222, 237-239.


233,235 & 238 were scrapped by the GSR following the Amalgamation the remaining locos lasted into early CIE days.


234 is supposed to have been stayed on the Midland while the remaining engines worked on the WLWR between Tuam Limerick and Waterford.

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