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irrs thurs 26th april Hueston station talk railway languages

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A talk Railway Languages – Latin’s place in Railway History – Tim Moriarty

In this lecture the society’s librarian will outline the use of Latin in the railway context, how it was used in of mottos accompanying railway heraldry, how the classical vocabulary was adapted in poetry and writings about the railways and how the “modern” Latin vocabulary has developed to a stage where railway history could be written in Latin.

All welcome if your not a member just sign the visitor book ,usefull references for modeling

Talk starts at 19.30



sorry started this one in wrong section should be in events what on

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Interesting. Have a few GS&WR clerks entrance exam papers from 1919-1920 for Latin and (unusually for the time) Irish.


The only Latin motto I can think of (apart from the Cork one in the CB&PR coat of arms) is in the UTA coat of arms 'Transportatio Cultum Significat' (Transport Is Civilisation)


'Omnibus Cultum Significat' would've been more apt! ;)

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I like it Broithe, I like it a lot!


I had to give up at that point - I couldn't do 'waggly'...


Latin's by no means dead - it's alive enough for people to annoy me almost daily with mis-uses of - tandem, album, stigma, etc..


And, don't get me started on 'telescopic', even if it is Greek - you won't see very far with them shock-absorbers, will you..?

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Looks like I'm the only one here who wasn't educated in the dark ages. Instead they just taught is Irish; an equally useless, outdated language.


You're not the only one, Fran.


I remember more French and German than Irish from my school days...

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