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lads, have seen this baby at different times in the depot in portlaoise but was never colse enough to get a shot. can anyone tell me what its function is, and might someone have a pic/clip of her in action?




Found this recently Shem, think it came from the Wexford lads








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The photos are amazing i remember the day well i had been on a training spin with the wexford wheelers. the gang were working hard for the sat and sunday and were very fast one of the P Way guys was a chap called Bill Whittey who was married to a family friend and sadly is no longer with us

God I never knew you went out with the wobbly wheelers!.lol.

I thick I also spoke to you on a railtour a few years back.

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Sorry lads for resurrecting this thread, but do you any of ye have any photos of the jib that carries the track panels between the two wheeled gantry crane portals? It sits on the spine wagon? Thanks in advance.


pth-350-500 (2).jpg


No matter, I think I answered my own question




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uhm...ah..well...ah.. that's a good question seamus.


If I tell you, I'd have to...probably build you one :((. Just finished the drawings for her sister 774 with the smaller PTH350 cranes rather than the PTH500 ones on 776. Probably won't get it started for a few months yet. R

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