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Wanted - NCC items in OO

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Try the Irish Railways group on the RM web site, Colm Flanagan is an NCC expert and you can see some of his work displayed there.




There not much RTR NCC but Worsley Works provide coach sides to help build coaches.


Corridor Coaches

A5 Chairman's Saloon Flush 60'

J10 Corridor Third Panelled 60'

F2 Corridor Composite Panelled 57'

G1 Corridor Composite Tea Car Panelled 57'

Non-Corridor Coaches

H2 Tri Composite Flush 57'

J7 Third Flush 60'

K2 Third Class Brake Flush 57'

North Atlantic Express

K3 Brake Third Panelled 57'

J8 Third Panelled 57'

H3 Tri Composite Panelled 57'

B4 Buffet Panelled 60'



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Thanks, both - I've just this minute picked up a new Chris Dyer NCC Jinty, number 19, and ordered a few Provincial Wagons things earlier on today, so we're getting underway.


I've made a list of the locos mentioned earlier on and will keep an eye out for them on eBay, with a view to having them repainted.


Thanks everyone for your advice. And if any of you have any NCC carriages ...

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