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Tony Miles RIP

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Hunslet 102

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I thought I recognised that name and then the hallowed words "Avadoyle" were mentioned. Probably the finest irish layout ever made, and I've had the great pleasure of seeing it in extreme closeup.


May he rest in peace.

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That's sad to hear. He got me started modelling again 3 years ago, when I saw Adavoyle at the South Dublin exhibition. He started talking to me as I was looking at the layout and got into more detail when he found I knew a bit about GNR loco classes (not enough.) A fascinating chat - I ended up looking at the underside of a UG (I think, might have been an SG), and the weight of it was something else; but he talked about his time on submarines and being based in Derry during the war. I had to bend double to get low enough to hear him. He had some class comments about Bob Essery and Heckmondwyke too. A great modeler, and very sad to think he's gone.


Not much progress by me of late, which is a shame after the inspiration he provided.



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Scalefour News 183 dropped through the letterbox an hour ago. A lovely obituary to Tony Miles and a piece on the original Adavoyle. Some picks of rolling stock and a loco stripped down showing the shear scale of the engineering in building it.



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