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4mm model railway Ballyconbeg

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gm171 kk

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Guy being interviewed was Wayne Thomas from the Wexford MRC, terrific modeler

The vid is from their trip to Warley some years ago

I think this layout has been scrapped


Absolutely sound fella he his too, man that was a good layout if only i had known it was up for disposal i would have given it a good home.:((

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The Wexford boys have been really good in capturing the character of the South East with several excellent layouts since the early 1980s.


Johnnie Walker was one of the first to model a railway in a distinctively Irish landscape complete with scratchbuilt buildings and Waterford area steam locos and rolling stock mainly in plasticard on Airfix (GMR) & Hornby chassis.

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Last I heard was this layout was sold to a gent in Cork but do not have any further details

David Wexford MRC


I was offered this layout when it was in the clubroom in an old church. By the time the club moved to the new clubroom

it seemed to have disappeared, terrible shame as it was one of the best Irish outline layouts at the time.

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That is a class layout. What with the music at the start, I almost expected Michael Portillo to pop out all miniaturised a la Bernard Cribbins.


Very impressed by the embankment up the back of the station with posts and fencing and long grass (0:36). Great attention to detail, and even the road and surrounding houses look "right".

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