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Cork Bank Holiday weekend

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Ways and traditions are always used as an excuse but, quite simply, they do not justify lawlessness.

totally agree with ya the truth being i didn't want to type what i really thought on here.saying that i've been

reading the comments on youtube and there's alot of hate towards them which is understandable.would love

to see how that would've been handled in the states:)

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We can't blame the police as you can see in the video the driver of the police car did everything in his power to try and stop the guy on the horse with the police car. Everything short of ramming him off the road which I would have done if it had of been me.


The problem is that the police are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't.

If some one pulls a gun on an officer and the office shoots him in self defence. That officer has to be stood down and go through a load of rigmarole to prove that he can justify his actions and save not only his job but also his freedom as if he is found to be at fault he could face criminal charges.


The problem here is the government and society both are equally to blame as its now a case of that's the way travellers behave sure they don't fit in with the rest of us so leave them to it instead of the government and society standing up and saying right lads all of you that we have seen on You Tube breaking the law/dangerous driving/etc/etc or even just for been there.


6 months minimum behind bars.


There is to much pussy footing around people like this cut all the red tape and get straight to the point

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Two asses on carts more like. I don't understand why they don't organise it better and apply to have a section of road closed off so they can run their races even. But then, that's pondlife for you.


isn't that what they do here in buttevant,not looked into it as it don't interest me,but every year they shut the main n20 for 2 days for them to race their horses around.made the mistake last year of trying to go into the main street on the saturday which i know is stupid ttchh.and a 5 min journey took 3/4 of an hour 'cause of all the stall with"new" gear for sale.i was amazed at the amount of stall that had bb guns forsale.heard later that the kids were buying them and then shooting at the horses.total animal respect!!

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I have no idea to be honest mate, I have little interest in the whole thing. Anthony does have a point when he talks about animal cruelty as well though, as you do too. Animal cruelty, complete disregard for road safety and the safety of themselves and others, failure to stop. Punishments need to be far greater for such carry on.

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