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CIE e class 421

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Trying to work out a chassis for that DART I was making is taking a long time so while i think about that I made a start on an e class 421 shunter . I don't know a lot about them but I think it was built in Inchicore (interesting) and is a tidy looking diesel. 20140105_235026.jpg

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Very awkward wheelbase. First and second axles could be covered by an existing power bogie - possibly one of the twin axle ones that Bachmann used in their early versions of the BR Class 40/44/45/46 diesels....




(photo from Wikipedia / Creative Commons)

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Is there any particular reason Inchicore built these with such a funny looking wheel base? Surely even wheel spacings would be advantageous in terms of weight distribution?


and apparantly left them very unstable at speeds in excess og 40 mph......



pic taken from the National Photographic Archive of an e class crash in Kildare

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Is the one in the crash the same as the one in the first pic? Or has there been re-numbering? Must be tough enough if it is!!


Mine won't get near 40mph. .. I think!


Don't really have the doe for a fancy motor at the minute. trying to put a few quid aside for a Murphy of one kind or another. I do have a motor bogie that I might try to wire to the 'extra axle'. Failing that I'll have to get one of those nice fancy ones!!!


Work will get in the way for a few days, so progress will be slow until Sunday. Thanks lads . This forum is great for resources and ideas and general friendliness!

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It was indeed DCDRs E421, the original of the class, that ended like that... It was a trial run in 1962 and the scene was recorded by the late Jimmy O'Dea. This image is one of his excellent collection which is held and available to all to view by appointment at the National a Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin.


All Jimmy's work was in black and white.

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That chassis is indeed curious & never noticed it before. Still beat me round the head and I get there eventually...

See the bonnet has lots of louvres. Always a pain in the proverbial, as you can see from the bodge on my horsebox. Will be interested to know what ideas the rest of you have for these things. Are there suitable etches available for instance, or is it easy to portray them in 4mm scale?

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I figured a Bullant would make an appearance! Lovely job

Cost c.€73?

Were you caught for tax on importation?

How many axles are being driven with that tasty job?


I ask the questions as if it's just one powered axle, then a Black Beetle with one of the axles de-wormed might be a credible alternative, though at €55, there's not a huge saving, given the Bullant is completely customisable.

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