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Class 80 Builds.

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Challenge has started, the first 30 minutes was spent stripping the coaches and using a mitre saw cut all the bits off to re-use on the new builds. oh by the way I got my wife to take the pics as time was very tight for me to stop and do it myself...




Ends off next and save all the bits as they can be re-used on other projects as you all will see in the coming weeks/months....






MIR 80 Class Sides used as a guide to were window and door spacing should be....




That's it for now, next part to follow 2 hours of quick concentration and in some cases sticky fingers too :tumbsup: and thumbs too...

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Hi Colin,back from shopping,the missus was annoyed because I was rushing her!! and I now have to say I am beginning to dislike you with every photo you keep sticking up lol. The MPD that you just finished while the glue was drying looks great and as for starting a double ender while having 6x 80 class power cars on the go,well I think I called you right at the start.looking forward to the next couple of hours and the end of the evening to see your progress.keep up the good work and make sure the missus keeps those photo's coming.

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Hey Nelson I take it you mean what liveries for the 80 class P.C,s??? Have not decided yet but im open to suggestions from everyone on here as to what livery is the most liked....... Mad Colin lol

Red bull is my second fav ( the Big T makes 90 look happy ;) )

My first is green strip, both suit the 80s well & both I grew up with :)

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Hey Andy this is the results from yesterdays work.... 2 hours to measure and glue sides and fit to other half of bodyshell so that's 2 1/2 hours left on my challenge to do other side and maybe get the fronts fitted too?








Andy you will see on the first photo that the bodyshell close to camera has been fitted with a lima floor off a loco in which the trailing bogie will sit beneath, was just checking to make sure that the Power Car will sit to the correct height of the Lima intermediate 80 class coach that you saw primered earlier....

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Hey Nelson I take it you mean what liveries for the 80 class P.C,s??? Have not decided yet but im open to suggestions from everyone on here as to what livery is the most liked....... Mad Colin lol


Going to all that mitre-sawing trouble, you might as well have sliced the passenger areas to get the closer, standard class window spacing but I daresay retaining the wider, first class layout saves a fair bit of time and extra hacking.


NIR 80 Class 02.jpg


FWIW I think the 80 Class looked best on the late 1980s/early 1990s 'sector' liveries (or the follow-on 'corporate', unbranded intercity livery. The red & cream suburban looked well and so did the intercity grey and blue. Never liked the enterprise livery, too dull and a step back from the original NIR maroon & grey. The Translink-era liveries are smart but the front-end treatment is a bit crude by comparison.


With six power cars you can have 'em all!


Great projects, nice to see two UTA/NIR railcars get more of the modelling attention they deserve; can't wait to see the results!

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Hi 33lima I see you suggested slicing the passenger windows, just to let you know that there is little difference in spacing and on overall length it does not take away from the building of the power cars except that it does save me some time......... I have built the power cars before using this method and its been a great success..... I also have done the 70 class using the same method too....


The UTA/NIR Railcars I have quite a few I want to build and will be doing most of these using brass which I love working with....... Colin.

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yes Tony I think ur right the 80,s did suit the Translink livery and the red bull too...... That's decided no.90 will be in Translink livery and guess what I will have to do it in 3 car set and let you see it when completed...

Hehe! Thank you. I grew up with this livery so I did....

Before mum got her drivers lisecence, me & her used to get the bus up to Belfast to do some shopping, sometimes we got the bus back home or my grandpa & nana gived us a lift. Other times, we used to get the train from Belfast to see my great granny (who is still living) & great granda (died in 2006), the train would more than often be a 80 class or a reare occasion, a 450 class in green strip, when it came 2005, it would stil be a 80 class, but this time with a new unit on the line, the CAF class 3000 or c3k for short along side with the 450 class, after 2005, my mum started driving, so riding the 80 became a rarer thing, although, there was that odd weekend I slept over at my nana grandpas and the train up to bangor.


This is why that livery means a lot to me ;)

Thank you.

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Hi Tony hey that's lovely to have such memories, it will be a real pleasure for me now to complete the Translink livery because when I see it I will always have this picture in my head of this wee lad visiting his nana & grandpas after just got of no.90 say 774 or should I say 8774 and 8755?? 3 car set....

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