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I've now uploaded the final batch of photos from Chicago featuring the Central Loop on the L System.


Plus a video of a fast Metra service overtaking a slow Metra service at Stone Ave.



Between Friday and Sunday I travelled from Chicago to San Francisco onboard Amtrak's California Zephyr. The 2nd longest rail trip possible in the USA it is scheduled to take a little over 52 hours to cover the 2438 miles between Chicago and Emeryville (Oakland).

Pictures from the trip are now available at: http://smu.gs/PChnlX



The Wanderer.

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Great photos Wanderer, thank's for taking uz for a spin! Especially liked the zephyr lot, especially the shot of the disused union station. :tumbsup:




Cheers Richie.


The final batch of photos from my visit to San Francisco are now at http://smu.gs/N1WrAE . These photos are from my trip on the BART out to San Francisco International Airport.


The Wanderer.

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Hi all,

Spent yesterday chasing the RPSI's 461 around parts of west Dublin on the steam specials. Managed to get it at Ashtown, Dublin Connolly, Grand Canal Dock, Dunboyne, and finally at Clonsilla:



And as this shot of a DART shows, the weather was not all sun and blue skies yesterday:



This shot of 230 probably sums up the day, sun and rain!



All the shots from the day, including pictures of DMUs on local and Intercity services on the Maynooth line, as well as DARTs around Dublin, start at the link below:




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Hi all,

To get the month started I spent some time around Dublin today photographing the going's on. Locations include: Killester, Clontarf Road, Dublin Connolly, North Wall, Portmarnock, Howth Junction, Dun Laoghaire and Balbriggan. Mostly the shots are off DARTs and DMUs:



But I did also manage to get the two Tara sets in operation today with 086:



And 082:



All the shots are here, including the Taras in other locations:




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Morning all,


Two batches from the USA Trip have now been uploaded.


The Los Angeles collection features photos from Hollywood, Downtown, Santa Monica and Universal Studios. There is only one rail related photo in this collection. L.A. doesn't really do rail transit but it is trying to slowly address this. http://smu.gs/NfWgC1


The 2nd collection is from the famous Cajon Pass area which is about 70 miles from L.A. on the I-15 road to Las Vegas. 35 minutes spent on Hill 582 saw six freights pass.



The Wanderer.

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Hi all,

Popped up to Belfast today for a bit of shopping and to catch up with the new C4ks, which were on test the last time I was up North. Also popped out to Adelaide to see the new depot taking shape:



I also visited Bangor and Belfast Central to see the stored 450s:



Rest of the shots from today, which include locations such as Adelaide, Bangor, Belfast Central, Belfast Great Victoria Street, Botanic, City Hospital and Drogheda can be found here:




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Afternoon all,


The first update for August 2012 has some aerial photos on Tuesday morning while flying into Dublin from JFK onboard EI-DUZ "St. Aofie" of Co. Mayo plus Balbriggan, Skerries and Portmarnock in Co. Dublin.


Photos from Wednesday are from Co. Kildare of the two IWT liners from Ballina to North Wall (226 & 073), plus the usual MKIV's and ICR's. 209 was on the 1500 Cork.

All of the August photos can be found at http://smu.gs/ONxx97


All of the USA photos are now up on the website. These may be found at and feature photos from the following Cities:


-San Francisco


-Los Angeles

-Las Vegas


Plus Amtrak's California Zephyr which operates between Chicago and San Francisco and the Cajon Pass which is about 70 miles outside Los Angeles.



The Wanderer.

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Hi all,

Some pictures from yesterday and today are now online. Yesterday's shots start in Drumcondra but the majority come from Gormanston yesterday evening, covering the evening rush-hour activity out of, and into, Dublin. Pictures include the DMUs used:



The Enterprise service on the cross-border route:



And the freight trains from Tara Mines:



Today's shots are some trains in the sun, such as this 29000 passing the beach at Killiney:



All the pictures start here:




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Hi all,

Popped up to the Downpatrick and County Down Railway for a very enjoyable day today. I managed to experience my first haulage by a Deutz G-Class, G617:



I also paid a visit to the new Carriage Gallery where one can see nearly anything from a former Royal Saloon:



To RB3:



Also present on site today was A39:



The rest of the shots, including many other carriages, wagons and locos (as well as the grave of St. Patrick!), can be found here:




Edited by Csalem
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^Many thanks! :)


The RPSI ran another one of their 'Dublin Shuttles' today and although I may be biased, I'm glad to say it took in the former GNRI route to Drogheda. It also ran a second shuttle service from Drogheda to Skerries to Drogheda before returning back to Dublin. 461 and the Cravens were used throughout. I managed to get shots of it at the following locations.








And of course in Balbriggan:



All of the shots from today, including 461 using the loop at Skerries to perform the run-round, can be found starting here:




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Afternoon folks,


Cleared out a bit of a backlog of photos awaiting uploading since last week.


Thursday 09th August

The Wanderer, Finnyus and Csalem all joined forces for a visit to Gormanston to photograph the evening Tara mines trains which were operated by 082 and 086.


Sunday 12th August

22036 at Galway waiting to depart with the 1305 to Dublin Heuston.


Monday 13th August 2012

A visit to Clara to photograph the IWT liners (222 and 226), along with the frequent passenger service on this busy single line.


All photos are in the August 2012 collection: http://smu.gs/OUHz8u



The Wanderer.

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Hi all,


Popped down to North Wall Yard today in Dublin:



079 was there with the Sperry train. Problems on the Northern Line delayed its departure:



It also seems timely to photograph the stored Mark 3s as the tender for their disposal closed two days ago. How long they have left to live is unknown, but probably not too long:




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Good evening all,


Long term stopped 22033 has recently returned to service following repairs at Inchicore and Laois Train Care Depot after suffering an engine fire in vehicle 22633 at Athenry in September 2011.

Separate to repairs to 22033, there has been a long term aspiration since the ICR's entered service to improve the First Class Accommodation on the Premier Class sets (22031 - 22040) following negative customer feedback. With 22033 being stopped for several months the opportunity was taken to trial the new first class interior on the "A1" vehicle 22133, plus carry out modifications to the gallery area of the vehicle. The vehicle retains its existing Premier Class branding on the external and internal doors. First Class / Premier Class Branding will be retrofitted to the rest of the vehicle at a later date.


The remaining 9 "A1" type vehicles were be dealt with over the coming months.


Pictures of 22033's new look: http://smu.gs/P1fs7D




While the start of a new era begins for the 6 car Premier Class 22000 fleet, the end of an era occured after the August Bank Holiday for the Limerick based 2700 Class fleet. The final members of the class were withrawn from traffic after they were retained for the Volvo Ocean Boat Race and Galway Race Festival in July and early August 2012.


To commemorate this occasion I have put together a selction of my photos of the 2700 Class from between 2006 & 2012, which showcases their time allocated to Cork and Limerick Depots, following displacement from Drogheda Depot by the 29000 Class.

Thanks must go to Oliver Doyle, Stephen Hirsch & Brian Solomon for providing several images of the class at work in the Dublin Suburban area in their original Orange & Black "ARROW" Livery and to Noel Enright for images of the class at work on the Ballina Branch.


Click here: http://smu.gs/P1g7Gd



The Wanderer.

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