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Low level flying

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Are these USAF(E) F-15Es? From Lakenheath AFB, maybe?


Yep, Strike Eagles out of Lakenheath.



I wonder if they would stand much of a chance against an anti aircraft battery?



Doubt the artillery would be that effective, given the nature of the terrain. Most AA systems are now missile-based, though, which would be more of a threat.

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I wonder if they would stand much of a chance against an anti aircraft battery?



That thing has no chance of touching the jets. It might hit the Hercules based on its lower speed and larger profile, but against an AC-130, :shooting::shooting::shooting:………………….I'd prefer not to be on that AA battery:praying:

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I recall some crash reports in the '70s from Wales - one involved some Jordanian Hunter pilots being trained on ground strikes. The general idea was to fly at a 'gun-pit' containing a cine-camera and some observers, pulling up as late as possible, so that their own (camera)gun-fire suppressed the pretend gunfire from the pit. The first pilots were roundly criticised for pulling up too early (Jordan not being very hilly for the most part). Successive flights got steadily better and the final pilot decided that he would be the best of them all. He was a little too late in pulling up and took the top two rows of sandbags off, burying the camera and the observers.


The report contained an eye-witness account along the lines of "I determined that the aircraft was at risk of a collision, but I failed to observe the actual strike as I was lying face down on the bottom of the emplacement when the impact occurred."

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