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Silverfox D Class Shunter

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Was it only Ds (2 or 3 of them) that worked as station pilots around Heuston that got black and tan? Was it the same sort of idea with Es?


No,if it was only the few black and tans that happened to be at Heuston then that would just have been coincidence,it would be more down to when they were available for repaint.Remember,the marshalling yards were very busy in the early 60s and the shunters were heavily used.

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The D301 Class seem to have been pretty camera shy in the 1960s possibly because they were doing very little work. According to the ITG website two were out of service by 1960 and never ran again, the last had stopped work by 1970.


An E401 or E421would have been a much better choice for a shunter though its difficult to gauge if there is sufficient demand out there to justify commissioning a decent rtr model, so a repainted 08 is a safer commercial option

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I've only seen evidence of two in BnT and I can't recall which two; that's not to say that others weren't in that livery too. As Mayner said, they were "camera-shy".


Initial painting in the early 60s from green, was often BnT, but all black would follow on many later, remaining on D, E & G classes until the late 60s / early 70s.


It's interesting to think that if the West Clare had survived, the F class would have been included too...

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lads - does anyone have a pic of this shunter in the B & t livery? I have a Hornby 08 crying out for a respray!


Seamus,a black and white photo of D302 can be found in Irish Railways 40 years of change by Colin Boocock,would help with painting.


As stated,I think only a few got Black and Tan and I think they were camera shy due to the high cost of film and what enthusiast would want to photo a mere shunter in the early 60s.

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