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We visited one of the Normandy D day museum beaches a few years ago. Spent about 4 hours on a tour of the beach and museum camplex. It was erie thinking of the incredible violence that day 18-22yo kids on both sides had to face. The museum had personal stories and life backgrounds about young allied and German kids, including letters home to parents and loved ones, wills, surreal plans for home visits to do 'normal' things. It put a different spin on it for us, rather than the simplistic and highly sanitised WW2 war movies of the 60s and 70s.

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My mother was working in England during the War years and had vivid memories from arriving in a blacked-out Midlands up to the invasion


She worked in a Leiceter factory that made radio equipment under the cover of textile manufacture in an attempt to deceive the enemy.


The strategy succeeded in that the factory and Leicester escaped the level of bombing and destruction in nearly Coventry.


They had moralle boosting talks from visitors like Montgomery & Bradley about the importance of their work to the War effort


About mid-morning on 6th June all workers were summoned to a staff-meeting and informed of the invasion.


Her boyfriend an American airborne infantry officer was wounded during the invasion, & put down his survival to my mothers gift of a miraculous medal.


They went their separate ways after the war, but kept in touch and met again more than 40 years later before they both passed away

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I installed one of the floodlights in the ruins of the old Coventry cathedral. A friend had the job with two colleagues and the one that could drive was off, so I got roped in for that day. It is set in the ground, where the bloke in the turquoise shirt is, in the far corner, here.


I remember looking up at the remaining stonework and thinking that some of it looked very ropey. About a fortnight later, one of the pinnacles blew down, just where we'd been working. Missed the light, though...

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