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G. & R. Wrenn to Cease Trading

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Don't know if this has been mentioned here before, but I just found out the Director's of G. & R. Wrenn have announced that the Company will cease trading in or around the middle of October next, final details will be announced later. I have to say their Loco's, & wagons with such detail was to me outstanding. I just wish I had got more of their wagons, but the price was always a bit of hiccup to say the least, particularly with the Sterling, Euro exchange rates. Posted 14th. July 2015 Very sad to learn about this.

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I thought Wrenn had ceased production back in 1992. So what in effect has ceased trading? Was it a sort of collectors/spares business?


Many of the die-cast Hornby Dublo models I have were rebadged and remanufactured by Wrenn after the demise of HD. Surprisingly good models and detail for the late 50s and early 60s considering metal loco bodies. Superb runners especially at low speeds with the long axis ringfield motors, not to be confused by the ringfield junk later produced by Triang and Hornby.

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I did collector of Wrenn


12 Limited editions, Some AM2 5-poles, Bullied etc!


Most was City/Duchess included rare Grey and three City very late of 1992 issue stamp underside of inner box (white outside and brown inside).


In 2003 I sell most of it included one sold w2311 City of Leeds to Dave.

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Dapol held on to the Wrenn wagon toolings and incorporated them into their wagon range.


Wagons like the Dapol Cattle Wagon, Gunpowder Van and Fruit D are basically Hornby-Dublo bodies on Airfix GMR chassis rather than the original HD diecast chassis.

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Wrenn ceased production in 1992 and all the dyes and moulds etc were bought by David Boyle of Dapol fame

There were several attempts to produce locos from the original supply of parts but it never came to fruition

They did release some wagons in Wrenn box's and later released wagons with Wrenn bodies but on Dapol chassis's

Eventually in 2001 the Wrenn name and all remaining parts were bought by a small group of Wrenn enthusiasts

They released some modern Limited Edition wagons and also sold off a lot of the spare parts

Over the last few years they have slowly reduced production of their various wares and also closed down their Collectors Club

and have recently announced the closure of the firm from October next

Go ndéana Dia trocaire orthu

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