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Carriage Sheds

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Carriage Sheds with corrugated iron roofs seem to have been common enough up to the 1930s when the GSR removed them to reduce the rates bill.


The Ratio kit might be a good starting point http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/574/entry-8333-a-carriage-shed-at-last/.


The GSWR & GNR tended to build terminus stations with overall roofs that could be used as carriage sheds, the MGWR and smaller corrugated companies tended to provide separate carriage sheds. There were a few exceptions at one stage Cahirciveen on the GSWR which was operated more as a terminus than a through station had a corrugated iron carriage shed and no overall roof, both Tramore & Waterford Manor on the W&T had overall roofs.

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The one at Kent is no more, demolished maybe 10 or so years ago.


IIRC the bog standard GS&WR type was an arc-roofed shed made of corrugated iron, half sheeted down the sides, and maybe a bit wider than the Ratio kit shown. Perhaps there was something like a simple wooden platform inside to aid the carriage cleaners. But as mentioned above, most if not all of those were removed in or around the 30's.

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Hi all, anyone on here know where I could get info on any Sheds here if they existed ! or in the UK. Photos if possible, thanks in advance,


Here is a couple of pictures of the carriage shed at Achill courtesy of achill.gaa.ie. It is the old corrugated hayshed like structure behind the signal box.



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