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Found this impressive mk3 era layout on youtube

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Was this Wiggy, late of this parish?


Thanks Dave. Found a wiggy1 over on rmweb who seems an Irish DCC Sound genius and his fabulous layout has come a long way. Looks he may be part of the wheeltappers group http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk who makes the Irish diesel sound projects for DC kits. I had no idea! I have two of his baby GM sound projects (LokSound) who I had incorrectly thought were legomanbiffo projects. Assuming it's the same chap based in UK he has been really helpful to me on methods to improve speaker effectiveness in baby GMs. I love his sound projects. Wow you learn something new every day. Noel

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Nice sound from a pair of baby GMs starting off with a heavy ore train. Consist demo of Wheeltappers sound project running on LokSound DCC chip using 'Power Drive' which is a variation on ESU's Full Throttle. This layout had progressed nicely too.


LokSound 'Power Drive' demo of double header baby GMs starting heavy haul

EDIT: found youtube clip that embeds here


EDIT: wiggy1 kindly just send me link to his youtube channel


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Reminds me of a phone call my late aunt got once. Let's call her Olive, and her equally elderly friend (the caller) was Marion. My aunt was at the time about 91, and her friend Marion was about 88 and in the early stages of Alzheimers. (Both have now gone to their reward!).


Ringgggg Ringgg


Aunt Olive "Hello?"


Marion "Ohhhhh I've got terrible news!"


Olive "What? What's happened? Is that Marion?"


Marion "Yes, yes, it's me.....Did you hear - did you hear - Olive's dead!"


Olive "What?"


Marion "Olive...you know Olive...she's dead!"


Olive, thinking quickly "Where'd you hear that?"


Marion "Dunno...dunno, but isn't that awful bad news!"


Olive, eyes raised to the ceiling "Yeah, I suppose so...."


Marion "Just thought I'd tell you, I'll have to run now. Robert* hasn't come back yet, I dunno where he's got to... He went out....anyway...Bye for now!"


Olive "Bye, Marion............................"


(* Robert, her hubby, had been dead 12 years...)


Ye couldn't make it up.


I'm going to bed now.

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. . .


Ye couldn't make it up.


I'm going to bed now.


A funny story indeed JB, but sadly as you probably know too well from experiences with folks like your aunt's friend, when dementia strikes its heavy burden on a sufferer and their family, unfortunately, one could "make it up" all too often.


Anyway back to happier things like playing toy choo-choo's :) Seeing wiggy1's layout has given me some good ideas how to handle arched sections on our layout and transitions in and out of hidden areas. Have bad dose of flu but going to attempt some plaster cloth later this week.

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