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2 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

This is about 1974, the first year that the first batch entered traffic, and remaining AEC cars were set aside to be de-engined for a very short career as loco-hauled stock.

Nice shets of pictures Jon. However shurely BUT cars etc.... Only two AEC cars shurvived post 1973 as converted Parcel Vans.... Regards, Admiral Remus

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22 minutes ago, Midland Man said:

I went to Tralee about a 4 years ago at about 11 o clock at night to look around the station. The went to killarney rail station trying to get a train to Tralee but found out you can not due to the design of the station.

You definitely can, simply the trains reverse into and out of Kilarney station to gain the line to Tralee.

It was in my opinion one of the more interesting operations of Irish Railways, reversing long express trains in and out of Kilarney in the days of loco-haulage.

Now drivers of ICRs just change cabs and continue on their merry way 

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Random pics from the 1970s.

1.   One of my first railway pics, and certainly not one of my better ones. Anyone like to guess where?

2.   My first RPSI trip, 1970, just after I joined the Society. It’s at the NCC Waterside Station in Derry.

3.  The Guinness engine, Whitehead, 1972.

4.   Ex-GSWR coach 1287 at Claremorris, 1970. Used as crew coach. Now it is the “tarry” at Downpatrick.

5.   B109, Inchicore, 1977, withdrawn.

6.   The last Midland bogie coach in existence at North Wall Goods Yard, 1976.

7 & 8.   The last Midland wagon in use, a PW rail wagon. North Wall, 1976.

9.   Bagenalstown Cabin, 1977.










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49 minutes ago, Midland Man said:

He may have seen the two sugar engines as they were privitly owned back then.

I did indeed see them - in fact I saw three, I think, including the one that was scrapped.

The pic isn’t Broadstone either....


5 minutes ago, Lough Erne said:



The year is 1970.

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